You have spent a lot of money on your wedding and tried to make your wedding memorable for your relatives and friends. When it comes to a wedding, not only the bride and groom are involved but all your relatives and friends impart an important role in your wedding so do not forget to give your them a memorable return gift which they will cherish throughout the life as a sweet memory of your wedding. Gift something which reminds them that you enjoyed their presence and they were very helpful and lovable in this sweet journey of your wedding. If you are stuck between the range of gifts then check out some amazing idea of gifts to give your relatives as a return gift.

Here are 10 delightful return gifts for your wedding guests:

1. Personalized Chocolates for Wedding

There is not a single human on this planet who doesn’t like chocolates. If you are thinking about giving chocolates to your relatives then give them Personalized Chocolates. Chocolate Wedding Favors is always an amazing idea. Customized Chocolate always reminds them about the sweet memories they have collected from your wedding and this idea never gets out of fashion. If you have relatives who have small children in their house then they would surely love your gift. You can buy Personalized Chocolates for a Wedding from anywhere or you can order them online as well.

2. Hand-made candles

Everyone has craze to collect unique show-pieces in their house so handmade candles or henna painted candles is a good idea. With this unique wedding return gift, you can write them a note that how their presence sparkled the whole journey of the wedding.

3.Traditional jewelry

You can gift traditional jewelry to all the beautiful ladies of the house. This idea will surely make them love and bless you more. As you all know if a men’s hearts way is through his stomach and food similarly a woman’s hearts lie in the jewelry. If you want to impress the ladies of your family then gift them jewelry. This gift will surely make a big space of your in their hearts.

4. Personalized thank you card.

There are few people exists in this world who love writing gifts more than anything else in this world. Gift them a personalized card written with how happy and emotional they made you at this wedding. You appreciate their presence and want them to visit you more often. This personalized card will surely be made them cry and happy altogether.

5. Feng Shui items

feng shui items or Vaastu such as laughing Buddha, Mandarin Ducks, or lucky crystals are highly followed by everyone in almost every country. You can give your relatives feng shui or Vaastu items as a return gift of your wedding they will surely appreciate this gift.

6. Customized wall clock

The customized wall clock is always a good idea to give as a return gift to your relatives with a note on it that you are continuously counting their blessings which they shed on you and also they can count on you whenever they want to. This gift would a full-time commitment from your side to them that you are always there for them.

7. Embroidered handbags and potlis

You can also give embroidered handbags and potlis to all the beautiful ladies who have attended your wedding. This gift idea will surely make them happy and they will remember this gift throughout life.

8. Health care products

Do not forget to remind them that their health matters to you a lot. You can gift your relatives a health care product package that they can use in daily life and send blessings to you. There are so many health care products are available in the market for both males and females. You can gift them as per your budget or you can gift them a hamper consist of both male and female products.

9. Small jewelry boxes

You can also gift a small jewelry box in which they can place their expensive jewelry safely; after the jewelry is something where the heart of a woman lies so it is important to keep them safe and secure.

10. Idols of god and goddesses

Gifting your relatives’ idols of god and goddesses with so many precious prayers of their well-being is always a good idea. They will surely love and appreciate this wedding return gift of yours.