While it totally appears fascinating to just blow off your carpet with few vacuum sessions but that is not enough, especially when we are talking about health. Initially, on the surface; it does clean the carpet and restores the shine to somewhat good extent but that’s not enough. Basically, I am not discouraging any kind of low dose care of your carpet like the vacuuming but what I am saying that these work well when these are combines with a cleaning services.
A carpet is ready to shine after a few min vacuum session but only if it has received the cleaning service from the past month or else these sessions don’t come handy. The homemade DIY ways to clean the carpet are meant to clean it on the surface, that’s why I highly suggest to get it cleaned professionally beforehand and then just opting for the surface throughout the month. It gets really better with this.

With that being said, here are 10 reason for why you should get carpet cleaning services every month.

  1. According to the research highlighted by the carpet cleaning provider from Melbourne, carpet turns out to be one of the most hideous spots for the bacteria and viruses which are responsible for the inflammation and many pulmonology diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. There are 50 million people in the world being affected by the Asthma alone. Taking account of the other pulmonary diseases would significantly increase the numbers. The worst part is that among all the population, children are subjected to these as most because they spend most of their times indoor which is often accompanied by poor ventilation.
  2. Whereas carpet cleaning helps upbringing the health of a person, it also helps by prolonging the health of the carpet itself. Proper care (once in a month cleaning) provides it with all the necessary care it needs to keep operating out for a decent amount of time. The stain for example, if they are left untreated they will start to discolor the carpet from that particular region depending upon the type of stain. Quickly getting it removed would make it do less in terms of harm.
  3. Most of us don’t think it like this way but the carpet acts like an air cleaner, to be more precise; it acts like an air filter. If your carpet is clean and free from dirt then it will simply let the air pass over it without carrying some of the harmful agents. The scenario is complete opposite when the carpet itself is carrying huge loads of dirt and harmful agents because when the air passes over such a carpet, it gets filthy enough to harm.
  4. Depending upon the circumstances, the stains are really a huge problem when it comes to the carpet. These simply ruin the beauty of your carpet and if I were to adopt few words to explain this thing then I’ll say “ they make your carpet worth like it ain’t no thing “. What’s the point in opting in for the expensive and detailed rich carpet when they are meant to be left with stains for the rest of time. Getting them cleaned up once in a month comes handy for stains removal
  5. From several researches, it is shown that the carpets lying in the bed room are a major benefactor in respiratory diseases and most of it happens at the night time – The time in which one is sleeping. This is because of the fact that any carpet lying in the room is subjected to some air or temperature change throughout the night, this way it spreads and radiates the harmful agents making respiratory diseases a common thing.
  6. Experimentally, it has been seen that professionally steam cleaning your carpets reduces 98% of the harmful agents which makes it a very healthy approach to adapt. With an intensity of once every month, the harmful agents can never find their home back into your carpet.
  7. If you have kids in your house then carpet cleaning becomes crucial and you might need to higher the intensity of carpet clean according t your needs. This is because of the fact that kids spend 90% of their time indoor which makes them highly vulnerable to these allergens, bacteria and viruses. Children room is often accompanied by poor ventilation thus making it easy for them to fall prey.
  8. While the previous factors were meant for the carpets resting in the homes., this one is for those carpets which are found in the corners of the offices. These contribute way too much because when it comes to business, each and everything matters simply. A carpets with even the slight stain grabs the attention of the potential customer and gives him a notion of carelessness which is not so good in the world of business.
  9. Carpets full of dirt and alergens not only are responsible for respiratory diseases but also are responsible for the mood swings. If you notice yourself being subjected to multiple mood swings in a single day then notice if there is any carpet out there in either your work, study or living area. Getting it clean monthly will solve this mood swing issue for sure.
  10. Psychologically, light colored neat and cleaned carpets are seen to boost the creativity. That’s exactly why you see light colored carpet patches installed in the library or peaceful places. If your carpet is not so clean, it’s not going to help like it’s meant to. A dirty carpet does not simply helps with the creativity because it fails to set the right mood

No matter if it’s the health benefits, business benefits or psychological benefits – The fact of the matter is that the carpet cleaning is crucial and should be followed up once in a month by a professional. Throughout the month it can be done with normal vacuuming and that does not create much of a mess but once a month is passed, it’s the time too get it back to life.