Just like their weight, women tend to be less than honest, when it comes to their age. Alex Wise, a marriage and relationship expert from Loveawake dating service explains “while most will try to knock off a few years, there are a few that will add a couple too”. So we asked Alex about most popular ten reasons women don’t want to reveal their age. And here comes Alex’s top 10 list

  1. MenLikeYoungerWomen.

Or so they think. Many women are caught up in appearances and worry that men are only attracted to younger women.

  1. They Don’t Want to Hear Double-Sided Compliments.

One thing a woman does not want to hear is how good they look ‘for their age ‘or any other double-sided compliment.

  1. They Would Have to Admit it to Themselves.

Many times women set goals for themselves, like: “by the time I am 30, I will have completed my P.H.D., been married for two years and be starting a family.” If one or none of those has happened yet, they may feel like a failure. By denying their age to strangers, they think they can deny it to themselves as well.

  1. They Can’t Remember.

Ok, so this one is in jest, but then again, maybe not. My grandmother is 97 years old, and bless her heart, she has to do the math to figure out how old she is. At least, she knows what year it is, and can still do calculations in her head.

  1. They Don’t Want Questions.

If a woman is past age 40, and they admit it, they might be in for some uncomfortable questions that they don’t want to answer, like “are you going through menopause?”

  1. They Weren’t Asked.

Someone may assume a woman is a certain age, and rather than correct them, she just lets it go and lets them assume what they want, after all they didn’t ask.

  1. They Think They Can Get Away With It.

A woman may think she looks the age she is claiming to be, so she figures she can get away with it.

  1. They Don’t Want to Embarrass the Other.

Along with number six above, if someone just assumes a woman’s age, she may not feel comfortable correcting them for fear that she may embarrass them, if they were way off.

  1. They Don’t Want Their Date to be Uncomfortable.

Women may lie about their age while on a blind date so that their date doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If there is a big difference in age, then the woman may lie to help shorten the gap so her date doesn’t make assumptions about her based on her date of birth.

  1. They Are Embarrassed.

Many women who have had their children at a young age may lie, and say that they are older than they are, hoping that others won’t figure it out. If they are 35 with a 20 year old child, they may say they’re 39 or 40 to make others less likely to try and figure out what age they were when they had their children. This comes into play more often, when they first have grandchildren.

Women do tend to lie more about their age than men do, but do not do so maliciously, as you can see from the list above. They are generally trying to avoid embarrassment on either end. When in doubt, don’t ask a woman her age and avoid all this uncertainty about whether she is telling you the truth or not.