Technology is advancing at a rapid pace in the present days. There are more and more technological developments taking place around us which is making access to certain things easier. Mobile applications are one of those things. Nowadays, almost all websites have a mobile application which can be installed in a smartphone to get access to a certain web platform. App developers might be acquainted with the term Ionic for the development of mobile apps. Ionic is a framework for the development of hybrid mobile apps and it is a total open-source SDK. Ionic framework is a strong and efficient combination of two native frameworks namely Cordova and Angular. The working is based on the framework of SaaS UI, which specifically designed for operating mobile apps.

Ionic was developed by Max Lynch, Adam Bradley and Ben Sperry in the year 2013 and the latest and updated version was developed in the form of a set of web components where a user could choose any interface framework. Ionic developers make the use of tools and techniques for creating and developing hybrid mobile apps and web apps as well. One can also hire ionic developers who utilise technologies like CSS, HTML5 and SaaS.
Hybrid apps are more advantageous than the native apps because of their efficiency, platform support and speed of development. The several features of Ionic include mobile components, typography, interactive paradigms and an extensible base theme.
There are several benefits of the Ionic framework while developing apps and the ionic app developer should be adept at it:-

1. It is easy to adopt:

If an app developer is adept in working with HTML, CSS and Javascript, then it becomes very easy for him or her to make apps using the ionic framework. Development companies can switch to ionic framework very easily if they need to develop a hybrid app.

2. Open Source:

Ionic framework is an open source framework which is absolutely free of any charges. It is quite stable, reliable and gives quicker results. So, you can absolutely trust it’s efficiency blindly.

3. Cross-platform app development:

The ionic framework can function efficiently and flawlessly for android versions 4.1 and above and also for iOS 7 and above. It also supports the Windows platform for developing apps for Windows 10. Thus, there can be no better developer than ionic developer for developing hybrid apps.

4. User Interface:

The ionic app development platform allows ionic developers to run a program smoothly by customizing several themes and components on it. This platform also allows the components to adapt to the interface it is running on.

5. Huge functionality:

An Ionic framework for the development of mobile apps calls for a wide range of functions. It uses several frameworks like angular JS and also many types of plugins. It is because of the plugin support that the ionic framework can assist various hardware elements like camera, GPS, flashlight etc. Also, angular JS helps ionic to build a robust structure which helps the ionic developers to make the codes more manageable.

6. Excellent performance:

If an ionic app developer uses Ionic with native mobile applications, then it facilitates enhanced and better performance as compared to hybrid mobile apps. Since ionic framework runs on Angular JS, it allows a developer to trust on the acceleration of native hardware. Also, the ionic framework makes use of CSS transitions as a way to grasp the GPU and maximize the time of the processor.

7. Cordova plugins:

Since the Ionic framework functions on Cordova, it acts as a game-changer by providing more than 70 functionalities which can be implemented in mobile applications made through the ionic framework. They can be incorporated in a simple and integrated manner and with simple configurations.

8. Latest web technologies are used:

We know that Angular JS helps in running the Ionic framework. However, if we use the latest Typescript, it allows us to use the latest features of JavaScript namely ES6 and even types.

9. Quicker testing time and speed:

If a developer has used or developed native apps, then he or she must be knowing that it takes a lot of time to develop and debug the app and then to deploy the app to a device. This entire process is boosted up with the help of Ionic framework. Also, whenever any changes are made in the code, the live reload option is automatically triggered and the apps get updated automatically.

10. Immensely large and supportive community:

It is never easy to begin with a new framework for app development without the support of a large community. The Ionic framework is built on the assistance of several top and famous technologies and are supported by eminent and pioneer leads who are continually in effort of improving the system.

Thus after seeing the above benefits of an Ionic framework for the development of mobile apps, we can understand that it is by far the best means to develop hybrid mobile apps and app development procedures. Ionic provides the best cross-platform development where the final result makes you feel that you are using some native applications on both android and iOS platform. According to research, the Ionic framework is the most popular mode of developing mobile apps these days and almost 41% of software companies hire ionic developers for designing and making mobile apps.

To function with ionic framework properly, all a developer needs to have is HTML5 and JavaScript. The rest of the functions and tasks are performed by Cordova Plugins. Whatever frontend functions need to be performed are efficiently done by Angular JS. Altogether, the ionic framework functions without any hindrance and helps app developers create excellent mobile applications.