To all the would-be brides out there, before you finalize onto your bridal makeup artist, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of your skincare regime for your big day.

To a certain extent, all of us want to look like a supermodel on a daily basis especially, brides-to-be on their d-day. Your wedding date is basically giving you deadlines and forcing you to start making a move towards the beauty regime that you had planned long back.
Who doesn’t want to look perfect while walking down the aisle? Starting a wedding beauty regime is a great way to perfecting your look. Here are some wedding day bridal beauty routine


  1. Manage Stress

If you don’t get your stress under control, no beauty regime will be of any use. Excess anxiety can disrupt your sleep, giving you an un-bridal complexion. To get rid of this, hit a yoga class after work, or find rescue in meditation apps.

  1. Laser hair removal

What can be better an occasion than your wedding to treat yourself with a laser hair removal? Laser hair removal should be planned 9 to 12 months before the wedding, as a typical laser hair removal session would require six sessions spaced six weeks apart for best results. As far as the pain is considered, there will be a minimal and temporary discomfort which is nothing compared to the outcome.

  1. Exfoliate and follow up

Dead cells accumulating on the skin interferes with light reflection giving you a dull appearance. The solution to which would be regular exfoliation coupled with a brightening serum to give you an inner glow. Exfoliating once per week is the ideal solution, moving towards twice per week a month later.

  1. Skip the wine and choose juices

Gulping down endless glasses of wine is the biggest crime that any bride can commit. If you find it too difficult to part ways with your wine, the least you can do is to cut down on it and go for liquefied leafy greens especially during the last few months of your wedding. Green juice is great for the skin because it helps in oxygenating and containing vital minerals to help stimulate the system and drain out the puffiness.

  1. Glow up with a spray tan

A sunless spray tan will even out your skin tone hiding any imperfections like stretch marks, redness, or cellulite. It is also helpful in defining muscles and sculpting curves. You can also choose to go for a trial spray tan before the dress fitting to check if you want to go one shade darker or lighter before the big day. A week before the big day starts exfoliating your skin preparing for your spray tan.

  1. Nourish your skin in the shower

Most women don’t realize that your skincare routine truly starts in the shower. Dermatologists recommend a sulfate-free, 100% gentle cleanser that provides smoother skin just after one shower. For beautiful skin gently pat your skin dry and apply lotion within minutes to lock the moisture in.


  1. Less shampoo

Over shampooing would lift, dull and fade your hair color. The best is to shampoo three to four times a week. Rinse your hair and use a mild detangler in between shampoos.

  1. Don’t forget conditioning

Conditioning is very important for your hair. Head to the salon for deep conditioning or you can also DIY. Mix a few drops of Vitamin E into your conditioner or hair mask. Your conditioning plan should be built around the wedding date and if the hair is in bad shape opt for weekly or biweekly treatments.

  1. Personalize your

There is a big difference between looking amazing and looking like a trendy version of yourself. Go by me, the second option is much more comfortable and would give you a timeless look. Go for the look that you are comfortable in and feel yourself.

  1. How about hair extensions

If you lack volume in your natural hair, how about some hair extensions? Extensions help create a variety of styles and make hair look like the best version of your normal style. If you want to go for permanent hair extensions, put them a week or two ahead of the wedding and for clip-ins, a week before would be perfect.