Ah, so you’ve planned a trip to Las Vegas. Pretty cool. Do you know your whole life span is not enough to live the joy, the city of Las Vegas has to offer. Well I might sound a bit exaggerating but you can estimate it from one of the most popular saying of all times” What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas “.

Well I’ve got a number of things to tell you which I believe would spice up your Las Vegas to an unimaginable joy. Let’s get started with the real deal? Well here you go.

1 Live Through The New Food Mecca

Although it might appear that Las Vegas is all about entertainment, gambling and all such things but you can have some old style family guy fun there too, and when it comes to old style fun – We can not ignore the foodie mindset. Do you believe you have what it takes to be a real foodie? Do you want to just taste the different dishes from the chefs all around the globe? Well then you are at the right place.
Although the Las Vegas has it’s reputation for being the “city that never sleeps“ but over the past few years, the food department has really taken over the Vegas too and it’s not all about entertainment stuff anymore. People who visit Las Vegas do prefer to spend some quality time hanging around the food tables.
Depending upon your location, you can decide a restaurant to have some pleasurable time with eating. Each and every restaurant has something unique to offer up and as I said earlier, Vegas got food from all over the world. So your Las Vegas Trip should incorporate some eatables.

2 High Roller | Ferris Wheel

I would highly suggest you to visit this {High Roller – Ferris Wheel} in the Las Vegas. To hit you up with some facts, this high roller Ferris wheel is 168 meter high and would surely ignite all your fantasies. Ticket does not cost much either, the price gets changing every now and then. Going to Vegas and skipping this High roller is like only enjoying half the trip – it’s so fun up there.

3 Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

One of the must visit places when it comes to Las Vegas trip. Madame Tussauds contains the wax figure of the famous ones all across the globe. Founded by Marie Tussaud, it later became the Madame Tussauds Wax House containing all the wax sculptures of the historic and famous people. No doubt it is a source of amusement and seeing those wax structures, damn they look like the real ones. It’s going to be a fun session. Tickets can be booked online too.

4 Foot walk

In your Las Vegas trip, consider living each and every moment to it’s fullest. Just don’t go to sleep early at night or you’re going miss the bright lights of the cities. Grab yourself some drink and spend some quality times walking in the city. You will get to see almost everything because no one is holding back when they are in Vegas.
The good part of being in Vegas is that you don’t get judged for anything. So basically if you’re walking beside the roads, or sitting around the bench sipping some drink and all, no one will bat an eye on you and you want look creepy – That’s the thing I just love about Vegas

5 FLY LINQ Zipline

This Fly Linq Zipline by the Caesars is one of the must do’s in your trip to Las Vegas. The tickets have different variations and the rates at the night are higher in price as compared to the day timing. At night (it get’s best at night, at day it’s good too but at night it offers its own charms). The price of Fly Linq zipline is $30 on standard package and $40 for a super hero package.
If you have some one to assist you in your trip, guide them t make a movie of this zip line, because when you’ll be watching it – it will blow your body out of excitement.

6 Casinos

Las Vegas and casino? How can one assume a las Vegas trip to be not marked with the casino presence. There are a number of casinos out there and gambling, there’s plenty of gambling going in the Las Vegas that contributes too much in its economy, in fact casinos generate 7.7% percent of total economical revenue.
While there are a number of casinos out there in Vegas and you should try sneaking in everyone. Considering the best of the best, well Caesars Palace is the best casino in the Vegas and you should consider giving it a visit.
There are a couple of derbies out there where you can have some fun time with horse racing betting too.

7 Helicopter Tour Over The Grand Canyon

Want to live through the heights? Well the Vegas got it for its visitors. You can get a very enjoyable ride on a helicopter. You would love to do it and if you never had a helicopter experience in the past experience then the Vegas is the perfect spot to initiate the first one. The trip cost around $200-$400. For latest price you have to visit the spot.

8 Hoover Dam

Hoover dam is located from a drive of 30 minutes from the city and walking over it would get you the feeling of continuous joy. It’s great if you have family to entertain but on solo it gets cool too. The best way to visit the Hoover Dam is with some travel guides so that you can enjoy the trip without the worrying much about the car rents and all.

9 Coca Cola store

Coca Cola Store in the Las Vegas offers all the beverages the Coca Cola has to offer and damn its fun to be there. It contains shirts, cups and they have a guy dressed in polar bear costume there to amuse the children. If you are a coca cola fan then you should consider giving it a try.

10 Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N stand for Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. It was made to bring the people into the world of Avengers. If you are a Marvel fan then it would be a fun experience to spot the world’s mightiest hero’s there and the fact that you are at their headquarter makes it a very cool thing all by itself
Well, that’s all I had to offer for the Las Vegas trip. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.