Almost all the men in their life come across the word “Testosterone“ and it’s not only the word, it’s about the attached feelings. Some are looking to increase the chances of become the daddy while others are after this thing to build more muscles. To put it in a nutshell, testosterone is basically the key hormone which makes all the difference, it makes you a man. Women also produce testosterone but in very few amount, almost negligible to man.

You know what happens when the amount of testosterone increases in the body? Well some really cool phenomenon start taking place. The number one is that increased testosterone comes up with increased sexual desire. This is the number one offering by the hormone Testosterone. The key benefits of testosterone includes increased muscle building, increased fat loss, increasing bone density and it has many psychological benefits as well.

If I were to start counting the benefits of Testosterone, it will become an year long post because this hormone all alone empowers almost all the crucial functions in the body. How we can benefits ourselves is that if we somehow figure out the ways to increase the testosterones then we can live a better life, quite simple.
Those who are die hard fans of testosterone inject them in their blood streams and this thing is known as steroids worldwide. Injecting your body with testosterone is called steroid is illegal, it harms the body too much and can result in a sudden death. The history is full of people who died from the testosterone steroids. So injecting it is not the solution, however naturally increasing the testosterone is something you can really do and is quite possible.

Here I got these 10 sways to increase testosterone naturally which will surely help.

Incorporate Spinach in your diet.

Spinach offers plenty of zinc to your body. Zinc directly impacts the testosterone production, the more zinc you have in your body the more testosterone is produced because zinc regulates the proper functioning of almost 3000 type of enzymes in the body which break the food and make it possible to draw energy from it. This increases the testosterone and promotes a healthy immune system. Having zinc is crucial and spinach is the easiest source you can incorporate for zinc. Don’t overdose with It okay, go moderate because excess of everything is bad.

Olive Oil.

Been around for centuries, this thing increases the testosterone like nothing else. It’s easy to incorporate, just get it done over anything you eat. It’s good for the heart and other organs as well. Olive oil provides the body with the good fats and good fats are seen to directly increase the testosterone in the body.

Egg yolk.

You might not expect o see the egg yolk in a list talking about increasing the testosterone naturally but it is supported by a number of studies that egg yolk does increase the testosterone. It is because recent studies disclosed that the fats in the egg yolk are not bad fats and in fact are good fats which help the body unlike the bad fats.


You know when they say fish meals are superb for health, well they mean it. Tuna provides a plenty of proteins and necessary fatty acids which promote the healthy production of the testosterone. Too much tuna can be bad for some so if you spot some side effects then consider taking a break. If tuna is not a part of your diet, consider making it one

Compound exercises.

If you are somewhat active, it’s pretty good but it’s not going to tank u the testosterone reserves. To increase the testosterone production, it requires vigorous activity level, the one that damages the deep layers of muscle fibers and hence body releases testosterone to cope up with all this. This type of exercises are known as the compound exercises and these promote the production of testosterone like nothing else.

No matter what you do, try to get 8 hours sleep as that is crucial for your better performance. Lower sleep cycle drastically reduces the amount of testosterone produced and hence makes you slow on each and everything. Try to get 8 hours of sleep. Some people work fine with 6 hours sleep while other opt in for 10 hours. It’s totally up to the person. You decide it your way.

Get some sunlight.

Sunlight is one of the crucial things when it comes to increasing the testosterone. You know why people find each other sexy on the beach? Because the body rushes the testosterone production and it gives arousal and excitement, really heat the things up to be honest. Well how sunlight helps with the testosterone production? Well sunlight increases the Vitamin D production and Vitamin D causes increased testosterone production. So yeah, getting some sun light will surely help you a lot.

Quit smoking.

If you are a smoker, occasional smoker, helping the cigarette company with sales by consuming their products, basically whatever your reason is standing beside tobacco is; the fact of the matter is when it comes to increasing the testosterone naturally it starts by quitting smoking. Smoking has numerous health effects and now it decreases the testosterone production too – All of this is enough to let it go.

Limit Alcohol.

Alcohol messes up with the body’s production of testosterone thus making it difficult to regulate the proper functioning of the glands responsible for this hormone production. It’s a real good idea to let it go.

The last factor to increase the testosterone is to go social. This particular hormone is responsible for making you the complete man. To increase it you have to adapt habits of the complete men. If you spend most of your time inside some structure then it’s time to set your feet out of that and enjoy the life. Get yourself social and you’ll meet new people, new experiences and new things to learn. Not directly but indirectly will have huge impact on testosterone production as going social reduces the stress hormone which is one of the greatest inhibitor to testosterone production.

While incorporating them all would seem a good idea but it’s better to incorporate them one by one.