Are you struggling with the promotion of your website and the little page traffic it garners? Here are 30 ways you can turn the tables around.

  1. Focusing on long-tail keywords can help you in many ways. They can help you semantically related terms in a conversational manner. long tail keywords with relevant keywords and phrases can work in your favor to increase your page traffic.
  2. Use social media to attract people to your website. by making groups and pages and forums you can point people to visit your website and garner much-needed page traffic.
  3. Using the help of websites like StumbleUpon and using you email list contacts to send a couple of links to your blog posts can considerably increase the page traffic for you.
  4. Other websites like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) can act as being your referrals and can also act as an internet PR for you to gain the much-needed page traffic for your content.
  5. Certain blog sharing communities like ProBlogger and CopyBlogger can help you be recognized even more in the world of blogging and can get you referral page traffic. The websites work by promoting the blogging community for each other’s work.
  6. Using catchy, a regular conversation like titles for your content with proper keywords and phrases make sure that you get the much-needed visibility and page traffic in their own ways. They will always benefit you, even in the long run.
  7. Internal linking or backlinking of relevant posts and content to your current content is a great step towards building a good amount of page traffic. Always link content which is helpful and relevant to your current one.
  8. Guest blogging on certain websites that have an authoritative command over the world of internet can give you major benefits. You will see a sudden rise in your page traffic if you are able to contribute high-quality content to some of the major blog sites.
  9. Another way to promote your page ranking is by becoming a guest writer or a content contributor to major websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, etc. By establishing a name for yourself on websites like these you can garner much attention from people and see a rise in your page traffic.
  10. Go through you older posts to make sure they have engaging titles and relevant content. You will need to basically edit stuff out as the time changes.
  11. Make sure to use internet marketing tool to demote the site links that are now irrelevant or do not show up. Even though the site links are generated automatically, they can be demoted. This increases the chances for the relevant URLs to show up and can help contribute to your page traffic.
  12. By posting good quality content at least 6 times a week has been known to increase the page traffic by up to 19% every week, according to certain findings.
  13. Reddit has seen many users constantly sharing various kinds of content. You need to invade this area of social media if you have not yet to get a rise in your page traffic.
  14. When you use someone else’s work, or quote them, make sure to mention them in order to garner attention.
  15. Focus on what is giving you a good amount of page traffic. You do not necessarily have to do what everyone is doing, but do what helps you in the best manner.
  16. Building connections with other content developers around you can work wonders to increase your page traffic by giving you referral traffic.
  17. Using all kinds of relevant keywords and making sure they actually help focus on the content that your topic wants to focus on can work wonders.
  18. By using the newfound trend that is the top 10 posts and writing content using the same format that is relevant to your website content. Since many posts are coming up in this format every day, you might be able to garner much-needed page traffic through this.
  19. If you have a Facebook page for your website then make sure to put a link on your website in the description bar on the Facebook page.
  20. Making a YouTube channel for your website to do internet marketing makes sure that a good amount of page traffic is received by your website. YouTube is known for making audiences engage with the kind of content they offer and hence it is the go-to promotional website for you.
  21. Try to use the title of your content to the pictures that are attached to them.
  22. Certain Facebook and LinkedIn groups have people whom you can advise every now and then, provided you have knowledge about it as well. This can help you get known by people and can give rise to your page traffic gradually.
  23. The content developers who are already sending you the much-needed page traffic can be contacted again to promote your work in some other way this time, and vice versa.
  24. Ask some famous blogger or a well known content developer to guest post for you, this will obviously increase their goodwill even more, but since the content is on your website, you are likely to get a good amount of recognition and page traffic as well.
  25. Make sure that when someone comments on your blog posts or any other content you have posted, you reply to them. This will increase your goodwill among people and will make sure they contribute to your page traffic for your future posts as well.
  26. Visit a website like Quora and Yahoo Answers and answer people’s questions in the best manner you can to promote page traffic.
  27. By categorizing your content, you make sure that you are helping your audiences to find what it is that they are looking for is. This will not only be relevant for your readers but also for you SEO strategies.
  28. Contact internet marketing fellow bloggers and content developers to interview them. This will make them share the interviewed content on their website and technically you get the page traffic as well.
  29. Certain posts that are long, authoritative and content worthy will help garner page traffic for a long period for you.
  30. Sharing content with short excerpts from it that is particularly engaging will want viewers to open the whole content and hence you will get yourself a decent page traffic.