Virtual reality apps for the iPhone is very much advanced and fashionable all around the globe. Many of the users of Apple want these VR apps.

iPhone has not made the virtual reality smartphone until now. But this year, Apple will make the VR smartphone because the experiment is on the way.

But you can’t have to wait for the iGlasses for enjoying Virtual Reality apps on your Apple smartphone. There are lots of Virtual Reality apps are available in the app store for your iPhone.

You can easily use most of the VR application in your Apple smartphone. But some Virtual Reality apps and games are working better with the latest iPhones.

VR headsets are not a new aspect because they are available from a few decades. But for iPhone users, the virtual reality headset is not available now.

They have to wait for a few more years to wholly paired with iDevices. The iGlasses of iPhone will take some more time to launch.

But you can easily use the Virtual Reality application on any model of Apple smartphone from 5 to X. These applications will provide you with lots of fun of VR with iPhones.

Your apple smartphone can work with a variety of VR goggles and headsets like Merge VR, Google Cardboard, the Carl Zeiss VR One Plus, and Noon VR Pro.

Hence, You does not have to wait for a headset that is produced by Apple smartphone. Because there are lots of VR Headset for iPhone is available on the market.

Some of the headsets are Google Cardboard, and the premium one is Zeiss VR. You must enjoy an immersive experience on your Apple smartphone with the help of these virtual reality headsets.

Here Are The 4 Best Virtual Reality Apps For iPhone

1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is one of the best Virtual Reality headsets for iPhone. It is also showing you to set your headset of Google Cardboard correctly.

And the second thing is including five VR experiences which will provide you with a flavor of what Virtual Reality based phone can do. If you think about new and innovative technology, then you will find that Google is never behind.

Google Cardboard will provide you with lots of experience, and it will give you a pretty good idea what to expect. For example, Exhibit will show you a virtual museum, and Explorer will help you to explore virtual places.

Google has developed it’s Google Cardboard Headset and a VR app for iPhone users. This programs will help you to set up your VR headset on apple smartphone quickly.

This application is freely available in the app store and googles play store. Google Cardboard also have the Kaleidoscope that can easily break the mold.

In this application, the images look real that is looking in a real-world, such as the Eiffel Tower.

2. Google Street View

Google Street View is also one of the most popular and best VR application for iPhone. While using this application, you may feel that you are doing some spy by going through streets from your chair.

In Google Street View, there is one special mode available that is Cardboard Mode. In Cardboard mode, when you rotate your smartphone in landscape mode, then the icon will appear which will help you to experience Photo Spheres in VR.

With the help of Google Street View, you can easily use your VR headset too much around the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, and traipse around the Bora-Bora and easily watch any city.

This application is useful for planning travel, and it will provide you with lots of fun. In Google Street View, you can easily see the places in a 360-degree glory, which makes it more interesting. Google Street View is freely available in the app store and Google play store.

3. YouTube

If you have a Virtual Reality headset, and you want to increase your experiences on your Apple smartphone, then start using YouTube application. YouTube is the Googles best app; not only the Cardboard is Google property that is doing things in Virtual Reality.

With 360-degree videos becoming more and more popular, you can now know what it is like to be inside your favorite artist’s music video. YouTube is freely available on the Google Play store and app store.

YouTube also has a Virtual Reality mode, which can help you to enjoy 360-degree videos and experience standard videos on a virtual screen.

It is also providing lots of best things, for example, if you have used a PlayStation VR then you have enjoyed the effect. In this effect, you will feel that you are trying to see a flat-screen TV.

Apart from that, there are many other things also available, which will give you exciting experiences. There are lots of best and excellent stuff is available to watch on the Virtual Reality Channel of Youtube.

Many of the people are goes through the best trend of YouTube and making videos for 360-degree viewing. YouTube is providing you with lots of things, and options are increasing on day by day.

With the help of Youtube, you can also get the experience of Porsche driving, skydives, and wild river kayaking. There is some awful stuff available in the YouTube channels, but some real gems are also there.

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4. Bookful

Bookful is little bit different application from all of the apps that is mention in above the paragraph. It is augmented reality, not virtual reality but it is very much useful and famous.

You will like this application, after knowing about this application. Bookful is making beautiful books with the help of your camera.

These books are interactive and three-dimensional. Hence, you can pop-up books that can help you to swipe, zoom, and explore the story.

Bookful is not freely available on the Google play store or app store. Because this app contains some purchases, and after purchasing it, you can freely use it for a long time.