“You will be my soft and sweet and I will be your strong and steady”, so many promises like this a couple, made to each other during the time of the wedding. A wedding is an essential part of any couple’s life so it has to be perfect. Planning a wedding event is not an easy thing to do. From the pre-wedding shoot to the vidai ceremony everything has to be perfect and well-managed as this is a once in a lifetime feeling. Everything in a wedding is essential and needs focus. arranging for a bride her wedding dress, and other function’s dress, jewelry, and other accessories is a hectic yet enjoyable work but have to be very managed and up to date as no bride wants to wear an out of the fashioned dress. Along with the bride and groom’s clothes and accessories, their family member’s dress code is also an important part. Apart from the dress and accessories, there are so many other things that are there at a wedding which need a lot of focus and management. If you are in deception that a wedding is a one day matter then come out of a dream. The wedding can never be a one day matter as it needs more than 6 months of preparation time and even after all those preparations it still never looks completed so, it is better to prepare it in a manner.
Planning your wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, so to avoid that stressful look on your face, hire the best wedding planners or event Management Company to manage your wedding a well-mannered way. Event managers are well-skilled managers who are graduated or post-graduated from the event management academy. You can also consult or hire well-skilled event managers from any good Event management academy.
Apart from all those things here are 10 Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding Event.

1. Hire a wedding planner

Be it a groom or a bride, you cannot manage things alone even if all your relatives helping you to make your wedding successful. Many unexpected problems such as missing vendors, incomplete material, broken zippers of dress, you cannot handle on the day of the wedding so, play it safe and hire a wedding planner for your wedding to make it a successful dream wedding.

2. Make a budget and stick to it.

Always remember that the wedding ceremony does not mean spending money on it so, select wisely and make a list of things on which you want to spend more or less. Try to manage things accordingly. It is a better way to spend less and enjoy more your wedding.

3. Create a timeline

It is important to make a budget but creating a timeline is also an important thing. Create a calendar for your works and stick to it, to manage work properly. Create a timeline according to the work, but the long-time taking work in front of the list and then short ones. Well-managed timings play an important role in any wedding, if you are not working according to the timeline then there is a big chance you may lose your dream to make a successful wedding. Depending on the date of the wedding, ensures that you plentiful time and then plan each and every event accordingly sticking to the budget.

4. Collect the important details

After deciding the timeline and budget of the wedding, it’s time to collect the essentials details of the wedding. The size of the wedding is a more crucial thing to manage than making a budget. Select the venue of the wedding and the process is the same as selecting an event venue for any event. Make a list of several guests attending your wedding and book hotel rooms accordingly. When you meet the venue owners don’t forget to make a list of their facilities and then select the best one wisely.

5. Be calm

Work smart, not hard. Planning a wedding event doesn’t ask you to lead a stressful and unhappy life. Wedding planning is work which takes a lot of effort and creativity so it is important to be relaxed and calm. Relax and calm is directly proportional to creativity so to manage a successful wedding it is important to be happy and calm.