“Are you wondering which celebs support the 45th president of the US and the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump? Read the blog to know more.”

When it comes to the most colorful and popular political figures all around the world, surely the first name in the rank should be of Donald Trump. Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America is certainly one hell of a fascinating figure. From starting real estate business to launching Manhattan Projects, from being one of the wealthiest people repeatedly appearing on Forbes to owning multiple casinos and hotels, he has done it all. He is one of those rare politicians who never really stayed away from controversy and actually used those controversies in his favor. Winning the election of 2016 was enough proof that Trump is truly influential and he has some genuine followers not only in the USA but also all over the world.

The year Trump won the elections; there were many celebrities of mainstream entertainment who had launched an endorsement campaign for him. So, here, in the following points, we are going to share a few names of such celebrities who support Trump and have always made a pretty strong case for themselves.

Jon Voight

The famous actor Jon Voight is one of the most well-known celebrities that endorse Trump. He has always been voting Trump for his nature and attitude in public. He calls Trump “funny, playful and colorful” which surely is a plus point according to him. He claims Trump to be an “honest politician” in many interviews. In fact, Voight not only supported Trump, but also he opposed Robert De Niro’s statement against Trump publicly.

Scott Baio

The star actor of “Happy Days” and “Joani Loves Chachi” has always claimed to be a big fan of Donald Trump, especially because of his communication skill. He also roots for Trump’s love of the country and the people of America. He has been reported saying that unlike Hillary Clinton, who wanted to be president for herself, Trump is the person who wants to work for all Americans. Baio refuses to call him an exceptional figure or a messiah. He says that Trump is just like anyone who knows how to serve a country that has given him everything.

Gene Simmons

The member of The Kiss has been one of the most famous celebrities that support Trump. He has always remarked that Trump is good for the whole political system, not only in the USA but also for the world. Simmons is known for supporting the plan of building the infamous wall around America. He has opposed Pope’s remark against the Wall theory while stating that Vatican City itself is surrounded by a wall.

John Ratzenberger

This is another big star in the fan brigade of Donald Trump. The “Cheers” and “Toy Story” star is a famous fan of Trump. He believes that Trump is a builder. Given his long successful career in real estate and how he has become the self-made billionaire to appear on Forbes, Ratzenberger thinks that he has complete potential to lead the youth of the USA.

Stacy Dash

Even though Trump’s attitude and remarks have enraged feminists all around the world, yet famous celebrity Stacy Dash is known to be one of the most famous celebrities that support Trump. The “Clueless” star has been known to be quite vocal about her support for Trump. She has always found Trump to be a great businessman and a potential leader who is bold enough to pull off any move, be it political or economical.

So, now as you know which celebs banked on Trump, it surely has made some impression in your mind. What do you think about the 45th President and his fan brigade? Share with us in comments.