Ah, the sweet 90s!
“What a nostalgic decade when these pretty gadgets weren’t around. We used to play hide and seek, tag and many other interesting games and life was more fun than it is now.”
We like to think so, of course…
We like to console ourselves that our generation was better, but the reality is brutal! At least for us…
If we pay a little more attention, the current generation is not only more connected but also blessed with many career opportunities, unlike ours. This generation is living more exuberant life, learning anything at will and has more opportunities to leave their mark!
Not to mention, our living standards have also improved.
All because this ‘damned’ modern technology that has made our lives more convenient, and freed more time for ourselves. Credits goes to great discoveries of 20th and funky and practical gadgets of the 21st century.
Let’s check out these five amazing gadgets, shall we?

1. Hoverboards

This is one cool piece of tech that came around recently.
Although it doesn’t hover or anything, but riding it is an adventure!
It under different variants: for kids and for adults, but children prefer this lofty piece of tech more.
You might think —
“What’s convenient about it?”
Well, sure it does take practice, and it is expensive but it is easy to keep around due to its smaller size and easy to ride to a smaller distance with little effort involved.
“What are the controls?”
Your body! Once you’re on a hoverboard, use your body weight to accelerate or decelerate and move around. Sounds fun, right?
Well, once you’re on a hoverboard, there’s no getting back!
Check it out.

2. Mirrorless Camera

Pictures are very important in our day-to-day life nowadays, especially with the explosion of Instagram in terms of popularity. So, cameras have also become a major part of our lives in different forms; one of which is a Mirrorless Camera.
“What’s a Mirrorless Camera?”
Well, as the name suggests it a camera without a mirror. A DSLR uses a mirror to reflect the image from the lens to the viewfinder and that is not the case with a Mirrorless.
Results? More accurate and better pictures!
It has a compact build packed with many features which also makes it lightweight and easy to carry. However, it has a smaller range of lens choice as compared to DSLRs and smaller battery life, and doesn’t work well in low light unlike its brethren.
It is a good choice if you are an enthusiast photographer and love to carry a camera with you.

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Remember those amazing Robots in the movie I, Robot?
I think there is still time for us humans to enjoy their services, before they fight for their Robotic rights!
Well, jokes apart — these little machines are slowly becoming a part of human society.
A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a cute example of that.
It reminds us of MO from WALL-E, doesn’t it?
A diligent worker who scours your house for dirt and keeps it clean and shiny. You don’t have to think about cleaning your beautiful home with this crafty one around.
This piece of tech is smart enough to recharge itself, and it is small, easy to maintain and packed with a plethora of features.
Check it out!

4. Alexa

Amazon certainly took inspiration from Tony Stark’s Jarvis for this beauty!
Alexa is an AI driven echo device that works by voice commands. She is the closest thing you can get right now to Jarvis or Friday.
Also, She does many things for you: Play music, order items, control your smart home, provide news and required information and much more.
She is a handy friend to keep around who will do many things for you if you ask politely.
Welcome her home!


This nifty tech has been around for a few years and has taken the world by storm!
It is just like a smartphone that you can wear on your wrist, and it comes with almost all its features. You can use apps, pick and place calls, manage notification, use voice recognition, and much, much more!
Gone are the days when watches were supposed to tell time but now they can do much more.
Of course, a classic watch has it own charm but a piece of tech is no different, is it?
It’s never too late to get one!

We hope you liked our picks.
These items are fun to have around or have a practical usage solving our many problems daily. We can’t live without technology any more it has become an integral part of our lives.
But nature has its own amazing experiences to offer don’t miss them. Take some time to get out to have some intimate moments with Mother Nature. Put your gadgets to good use for yourself and the surrounding people.
On a second thought — we were more connected to nature and people around us intimately back in the 90s but technology is not to blame, but we are..
You are a gadget yourself — the world’s finest gadget!
Master yourself and you’ll live a wonderful life.
Have a thoughtful day ahead!