Every person has some plans for the honeymoon even before getting married. Yes, the excitement to make honeymoon super amazing is always there in people. After all, it’s the first trip of the newlyweds after their wedding.

Most people don’t choose the north-eastern states of India for their honeymoon because they are not familiar with its beauty. They think that to see picturesque vistas, to enjoy good weather and to experience natural beauty, they can only go to popular hill stations.

But, in reality, north-eastern states, especially Sikkim, is a perfect destination for a honeymoon trip. Yes, the beauty and serenity of Sikkim are incomparable, and this state can make your honeymoon unique.

If you will search on the internet, then you will see that there are many Sikkim honeymoon packages available. It shows that people who really know about the charms of Sikkim buy Sikkim honeymoon packages; that’s why these packages exist in the first place.

Are you still not convinced why you should choose Sikkim as your honeymoon destination? Well, we are not done yet! Read the reasons which make Sikkim a perfect honeymoon destination:


  1. Sikkim Offers Amazing Vistas of World’s Third Highest Mountain – Kanchenjunga:

 Mountainous vistas make any destination fascinating; that’s why couples go to hill stations on their honeymoon. Well, Sikkim’s beauty is no lesser than any hill station as it houses the world’s third-highest mountain peak, namely Kanchenjunga!

Due to the presence of this mountain range in Sikkim, you can see mesmerizing mountainous landscapes in most of the parts of this state. These mountains become more enchanting during the sunrise and sunset.

So, you can enjoy these views with your life partner in Sikkim. You can go to the special viewpoints to adore the beauty of the mountains with your better half. You can also click amazing honeymoon photos with the mountainous backdrops in Sikkim.


  1. Sikkim Houses Plethora of Colourful Monasteries:

 There is a unique serenity and purity in Sikkim which soothes the body and mind of visitors. A tranquil place is perfect for the honeymoon as the couples can know each other in a better manner at such a destination.

The main reason for Sikkim’s tranquillity is beautiful monasteries. One can experience inner peace by visiting any of the famous monasteries of Sikkim. If you don’t believe in Buddhism, even then, you will love the unique architecture of the monasteries and tranquil vibes that you can feel in its complex.

You can also get a chance to get the blessings of Gods and monks as a newly married couple while visiting these monasteries of Sikkim. Also, these are not only prayer places but famous tourist attractions due to their unique designs, museums, etc. So, you will surely love visiting them with your spouse.


  1. Sikkim Offers Adventurous Trekking Options:

 A little bit of adventure is necessary to make your honeymoon super amazing. After all, these fun activities give a chance to couples to laugh together, become a little bit playful and see the fun side of their partner.

Talking about adventurous activities, Sikkim offers plenty of these. But, trekking is the highlight of Sikkim among all these activities. Yes, because Sikkim houses famous Himalayan mountain ranges including Kanchenjunga. So, these mountain ranges have created many scenic trekking trails in Sikkim.

So, you can embark on an adventurous trek with your soul mate in Sikkim. If you haven’t tried trekking in the past, then you can go for easy treks like Tholung, Dzongri, and the Green Lake Trek.

If you both are adventure lovers and done treks in the past, then you can go for challenging treks like Sikkim Kanchenjunga, Tosar Lake, Everest Singalila and Goecha La Trek. The best part is that you get a chance to know about your partner’s strength, weaknesses and other important things on a long trekking journey.


  1. Sikkim is the Least Populous State of India:

 The best thing about Sikkim is that it’s the least populous state of India. This is also the reason why it remains so clean. A place like this is perfect for your honeymoon as you would like to spend some private time as a newlywed couple.

Visiting a destination that remains flocked with locals and tourist won’t provide you with that level of privacy which you can experience in Sikkim. You also won’t face much problem in finding accommodation in Sikkim because the residential areas of locals are limited.

Apart from that, a good amount of space is occupied by tourist hotels, resorts etc. So, you can spend a hassle-free tranquil honeymoon holiday in the least populous state of India.


  1. Sikkim’s Natural Beauty is Totally Breath-taking:

 Nature’s charms are yet another reason which makes Sikkim an ideal honeymoon destination. You can see not only mountains but also beautiful lakes, stunning waterfalls, green meadows and blooming colorful flowers in Sikkim.

Nature’s beauty will make the whole atmosphere romantic for you, and you will feel the urge of expressing your love at such a beautiful place. Also, these natural wonders create a lot of tourist places in Sikkim which you can explore with your partner.

So, if you think that you must have to visit a hill-station to feel nature’s charms, then you are highly mistaken because Sikkim’s natural beauty is totally breath-taking.

Thus, you should choose Sikkim for your honeymoon if you love mountains, you are up for some adventure, and you also love natural beauty! These reasons must have enticed you to choose Sikkim without a doubt! So, don’t think any more about it and just give it a shot!