Picking out a gift for a travel lover can be quite a challenge. Even though you know what fascinates the person, coming up with the best gift or unique décor that will amuse him or her is not that easy. But worry not, you can always broaden your thinking and get the best gift for a real travel lover. The list below contains some of the best suggestions with explanations. It will enable you to come up with ideas that will see your family, friend, or partner who loves traveling appreciate the gift you come up with.


Passport cover

Every traveler requires a passport when traveling. With that in mind, go ahead and gift a frequent traveler a lovely passport cover. The choice of cover depends on the gender and the preferences, hobbies, or aspirations of your friend. If you don’t have additional information about the person, you can go ahead and get a passport cover with a picture of the world map. If the person loves cats or cars, go ahead and get a travel cover with the same. That way you will have hit two birds with one stone. 

You will not only have gifted the person a picture of what she likes but also gifted her an item that shows what she loves doing. The best thing about a passport cover is that it is cheap and easy to get and customize. What makes it an ingenious gift is the fact that the person will always remember you whenever he or she wants to travel. That makes it one of the best travel gifts for anyone who loves moving around the globe.

A stunning world map painting

There is nothing that delivers a great message than a unique art. It is among the best décor that you can gift someone who loves traveling. Also, note that there are factors to consider when picking a world map painting. These often include the color of the art and the size of the picture among many others. The color combination used should be both vibrant and appealing enough to make the painting stand out from the rest of the décors in the house.

Once you find the right color combination, you need to figure out if the person loves huge paintings or small ones. The size of the picture you decide will determine the size of the canvas to be used. If you don’t end up getting the best work of art, you can also go ahead and make your unique décor. Frame a scratch-off map of the world and deliver it to the person. You will be surprised how incredible the gift becomes.

Personalized glasses

You must be wondering what gift is the best for your drinking buddy who loves traveling. Making this choice can be quite hard but not hard enough. All you have to do is fuse those two worlds and get an answer to your predicament. After research, you will realize that there is nothing ingenious like getting him or her personalized glasses. It can be done by purchasing quality glasses and having them embellished with travel pictures or words. 

You can decide and have them decorated with the world map or airplanes flying all over the world. You can also go ahead and have them decorated with incredible phrases such as ‘Pete the traveler,’ ‘keep calm and start traveling’, among others. With such a gift, your friend will always remember you whenever he or she wants to have a glass of ice-cold brandy liquor. An embellished glass is an idea that will end up stunning your drinking buddy. Don’t forget to sign off his name at the bottom of the glasses if at all, you want to give him a sense of ownership.

A mini globe

How do you like the sound of a mini-globe as a gift for a real traveler? This might seem like a simple gift, but taking it a notch higher is not that hard. You can customize the mini globe into something distinct, attractive, and very appealing. Do this by having countries your friend has visited colored with red and those he hasn’t painted blue. You can also go ahead and have a travel phrase written across the mini globe. With such a gift, your friend will be pleased to know that you genuinely care about him or her. 

It also shows that you two are too close that you know which countries he or she has visited. It is something that the person will keep in an office and look at it with admiration throughout. The stand should also mean something. You can have the person’s name engraved on it, or you can write a phrase that you two love using when together. This gift can be given to both a male or a female traveling enthusiast.


A personalized travel album

Despite being a digital era, a travel album can lighten a person’s face and give him or her the psych to travel more so that he or she can fill even more picture spaces. It is something that can be used to hold the memories of all his or her experiences. You can go ahead and customize the cover by having a pencil art of the individual nicely done with the words ‘Tom’s travel book’ or ‘Britany’s moments far away from home.’ By doing so, the person will keep the travel album close, and he or she will be grateful for the gift. Whenever the person wants to add more pictures to the collection, he or she won’t help but smile at the creativity. That is why it is among the best gifts for a traveler.

As you can see, there are so many gift ideas for anyone who loves traveling. Make sure that you make a choice which the personal treasure and admire. Keep in mind that sometimes the best gift is to get someone something that reminds them of what they like doing. With that, you will not only put a smile on your friend’s face, but you will also have a special place in their hearts.