In this running world, nobody has time to prepare breakfast in the morning. So, these five quick recipes can be made easily and you can store them in refrigerator and just grab it on-the-go.

  1. Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie:

Ingredients: Banana, Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, Honey, Peanut butter.

First, take a scoop of yogurt, then cut the bananas and

store them in freezer for an hour and add them in blender. Now add one table

spoon of cocoa powder, with some honey and peanut butter. Finally, blend them

and store them in the Mason jar.

  1. Berry Smoothie:

Ingredients: Orange, Strawberries, Greek yogurt, Blue berries, Honey.

Cut some oranges and strawberries and add them in the blender. Add,

couple scoops of Greek yogurt, and add some honey to sweeten up. Finally, add

some blueberries and orange juice as a base and blend it.

  1. Yogurt Parfait:

Ingredients: Strawberries, Greek yogurt, Kind Granola

Cut the strawberries into thin slices. Stir with Greek yogurt add in the cup which is going to be the first layer of the parfait. Now, you can sprinkle some granola on the top

of the first layer, and place some thin slices of strawberries on the top and then add more yogurt. Finally, cut the strawberries into really tiny pieces and place them on the top.


  1. Egg-Avocado Toast:

Ingredients: Eggs, Tomatoes, Avocado, Toast

Start off by cooking your eggs sunny-side up, cut some tomatoes into tiny

pieces. And cut the avocado and scoop them. Take two pieces of toast and layer the avocado on top, once the egg is done place the egg on the top. Add some baby tomatoes on the side. Add some salt and pepper.


  1. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal:

Ingredients: Oatmeal, Chia seeds, Vanilla extract, Honey, Banana, Peanut


Take half a cup of oatmeal and pour it in bowl with a cup of water.

Add a teaspoon of chia seeds and vanilla extract and drizzle some

honey. Stir all together. Put the bowl microwave oven for about 2 minutes. Put some bananas and peanut butter on the top.

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