The banquet hall that you choose is really going to set the tone for your wedding. Be it a minimal wedding or a grand affair, when it comes to choosing the perfect banquet hall, you might feel perplexed amidst a lot of questions. Settling down with the basics will help you narrow down many venues and find the perfect one for you.

  1. Fix your budget

When the debate is about choosing your wedding banquet hall, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is how much you can spend on your wedding banquet hall. Since your wedding banquet hall and wedding catering is going to comprise almost half of your wedding budget.

Your wedding budget really depends on where you are planning to tie the knot. Talk to your partner and come up with a total budget. Divide the amount by half to see how much you can spend on your banquet hall and catering service.

  • What would be your estimated guest count?

Every wedding banquet hall has a fixed guest capacity, a fixed number of guests that it can hold comfortably. This is not a flexible number, so you might not come up with the exact number of guests before choosing your wedding banquet hall but you should have an estimate. You cannot just decide in the air. Discuss with your partner as well as your respective families to come up with a list.

  • Choose your priorities

Once you have decided on a location, guest count, and a budget, it is time to think about how you want your dream venue to look. Consult with your partner and shortlist the top three features which you want your ideal banquet hall to have. Each couple would have different priorities, thus, you must decide your banquet hall accordingly.

  • Visit your shortlisted venues

This is one of the most crucial points of how to choose your wedding banquet hall. Visiting your banquet hall in-person is very important since it helps you tour the entire venue and decide if it is suitable for your big day. Some banquet halls might differ from the way they appear in photos. You can also have a talk with the venue coordinator for any additional questions.

  • Count the pros and cons

If you are lucky enough to fall in love with a banquet hall at first sight, it would be pretty amazing but it is also important to resist finalizing it on the very day. Take a step back, check a few other venues, discuss with your partner and then proceed. Think about the pros and cons before arriving on any decision.

  • Go ahead with a contract

Now that you and your partner have decided on a particular banquet hall, ask your venue coordinator for a contract before finalizing. Also, do not blindly sign it, clear all doubts, understand every portion of it, understand the payment procedure and then only proceed with signing it. You must be comfortable with every portion of the contract.