Recently Apple flaunted iOS 11 in the year 2017, the following emphasis of the iPhone and iPad operating system. Being a successor after iOS 10, it has many new and updated features that Apple did not have access to before. Many people are still unaware of all the features and the elements that it brought with itself, hence, here a few features of iOS 11:

Worked In Screen Recording

Screen recording is valuable for everything from secretly catching your friends Snapchats to uploading tutorials on YouTube, and keeping in mind that it hasn’t been too hard to even think about doing on iOS before, with iOS 11 it’s manufactured right in, you never again need an extra Mac with QuickTime. The new tool, called Screen Recorder, shows up if you modify the alternate ways in the shortcuts in the Control Center through Settings. Tap the red button to begin recording, and the title bar to quit recording, and after that, the video is automatically saved to your camera roll. It is a great feature for saving documents offline, for instance, if you search ‘college essay writing service’, you will come across various great podcasts that you can save through this feature.

Instant Wi-Fi Sharing

Secure Wi-Fi is for is required for all intents and purposes for present-day cell phone and computer use, yet sharing your 45-digit secret word is one of the most bothering things on the planet. iOS 11 is going to make that simpler, however, you have to utilize iOS 11 gadgets for the trick to work, as 9to5Mac has found. The procedure should be started by somebody turning up with an iOS 11 gadget that is not associated with the Wi-Fi if that individual attempts to interface; at that point, different iOS 11 gadgets effectively close by getting prompt to share access.

A One-Handed Keyboard

iOS has now joined Android in offering an inherent one-handed mode for the default keyboard: It implies if you have just got one hand allowed to tap out a message, at that point the keys become somewhat simpler to hit, particularly in case you are utilizing one of the bigger iPhones models. To discover this option, press and hang on the globe or emoticon symbol to one side of the space bar, at that point pick the left or the correct arrangement. The bolt that shows up in the clear space gives you a chance to come back to the typical console mode when you are back to two-gave activity.

QR Code Scanning

Many early iOS 11 analyzers have seen that the refreshed Camera application is going to accompany the capacity to peruse QR codes, just if you go over any on your movements. If you have never really observed a QR code in the wild, they are in reality quite helpful. They can do stuff like give you access to Wi-Fi systems, share your contact subtleties with another person, send you to a specific site, or demonstrate your ticket is substantial for whatever gig you have shown up to.

FLAC Media Playback

One thing that has made the super music over the top careful about iOS is the absence of FLAC support. FLAC, or Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a sound configuration that has zero pressure. As indicated by music lovers, pressure can prompt a loss of value in music playback. You may miss the squeak of a finger over a guitar string or the lower registers of a bass drum. While Apple has kept up its very own lossless sound organization, Apple Audio Lossless Codec, since 2004, the enormous dominant part of lossless music accessible online is FLAC-based. Moreover, as confirmed by this adroit Redditor iOS 11 presently backings FLAC playback. It is yet not accessible in iTunes or the music player explicitly, however, if you have any FLAC documents hanging out on your iCloud drive you can just tap to play them.

Application Offloading

Erasing applications that are collecting gathering dust helps recover extra room and for the most part keeping your iPhone or iPad running easily, yet before iOS 11 showed up, erasing applications additionally implied eradicating the settings and other related information for an application. If you go to iPhone Storage from the General menu in Settings, you can tap on an application at that point utilize another element called Offload App, this appears to erase everything except for some key settings. Apple has additionally incorporated a choice to “offload” occasionally utilized applications automatically.
Extra Application Access To NFC
As Engadget spotted, with iOS 11 Apple is opening up access to the NFC chip inside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, alongside (probably) future iPhones, for clients that should mean a greater amount of their iOS applications ready to take advantage of the miracles of Near Field Communication. Think portable installments, yet besides lodging access, or moment one-tap access to a Wi-Fi organizes. In certain urban communities, you can even utilize NFC gadgets to pay your metro charge. It is hard to state precisely how this new usefulness will play out, yet with Apple presently grasping NFC, it is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Composed Siri Questions

Many Siri updates are not out of the ordinary at whatever point another iOS moves around, however, covered up away in the Accessibility menu under General in Settings for iOS 11 is another Type to Siri choice: When Siri is propelled; you can compose your inquiry as opposed to talking. This is gone for the individuals who cannot stand up directions typically, yet it is helpful for any individual who is in a calm space. Incidentally, you would already be able to type directions into Siri in iOS 10, however, you have to tap on a past question and after that alter it.

Restricting App Location Tracking

Keep a watch on your tabs is the most obtrusive consents an application can request, although a great deal of them need it to work appropriately, and right now it’s just conceivable to turn location tracking on or off for a specific application. In iOS 11 there is another alternative which permits location tracking, however just while the application is being utilized, which means more protection and more battery life for clients. To exploit it, open the iOS Settings select the application you need to manage, at that point pick Location.


In short, the above-mentioned points are some of the features included in iOS 11 that most people still do not know about. These points range from screen recording to QR scanning and many more.