Humans have excelled in different areas of like. So, why can’t naturally have the potential to compete for human inventions? Cancer is a very dangerous disease, and science is still struggling to get rid of cancer because, despite several types of research and treatment, people are dying yearly in a heavy amount. Each one on seven will have cancer, according to statistics.

With that said, such treatments hurt the human body. So, natural cancer treatment in Mexico is discovered as nature is filled with miracle cures. It has a cure without any adversary reaction on the human body. I know its tempting, but we will share you with rationale. A lot of cancer specialists have also considered it as a potential to cure cancer.

Below we have mentioned myth about natural cancer treatments in Mexico ongoing with the details:

  • Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is available in different potencies. It can be used in the cooking as well to add in the food. It has vapor that can be inhaled. However, it’s not legal in many countries, including the US, despite its state legalizing.

Since it’s commercially available, even FDA in the US has approved, as it reduces the cancer growth in the. But it’s highly suggested for the patients to use before the doctor’s consultation. The utility is still minimum due to a taboo created by the pharmaceutical lobby around the world. In Mexico, natural cancer treatment is successfully running amidst the affected, and people are curing without any adverse impact.


It was initially popularized as a therapy for cancer in the US and Russia, a century back. But the cells don’t strike the cancer cells – it sickens or kills the patient. So, it was abandoned by many people. Compared to cannabis oil, it’s not a perfectly natural, and even Mexico no more consider it as a natural cancer treatment. And it doesn’t even reduce the tumor size or growth in the human, causing poisonous in the body.

Diet through pH Levels

Since the acidic environment reduces pH levels. The food such as cheese, meat, and grain product raises the risk of cancer by diminishing pH levels in the blood. According to doctors, cancer cells make an acidic microenvironment due to metabolic rate high. A reduction in the diet has never shown that it prevents cancer. It damages the lungs and kidneys as well. It’s urged in Mexico; natural cancer treatments must be halted to avoid further death.