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It is a great platform to read and learn about new stuff. Huntsends also lets you share your own experiences and stories. If you are someone looking for your chance of making it big with your talent, huntsends is a place for you. We encourage talent and promote it in the best way on our website. We have done a number of collaborations and interviews with the most popular and talented faces of the country like fashion vlogger Sejal Kumar, singer Sanam Puri and actress Erica Fernandes.

Our travel blogs cover the best destinations and travelling tips and tricks so that you have an amazing vacation, not just in India but away from it as well. Be it Dublin, California or Istanbul, you don’t need to worry because we have got you covered!

The music section keeps you updated with the best covers of the most famous songs for your playlist and introduces you to the budding musicians and singers of our country who will surely keep you humming to their beats.

Dance is what we can never run away from. Be it a stage performance or just an informal set, we all have a dancer hiding inside us and this is why we provide you with the best and easy to learn, step by step tutorials. We filter the best of the lot for you and provide you with amazing dance covers too. Be it hip-hop, popping, bollywood or classical, we will present you with the most breath taking routines ever.

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