When it comes to transforming a manual bookkeeping system into computerized bookkeeping, the process will like require some time when contrasted with simply beginning with the new computerized bookkeeping. The reason behind it is that you need to make certain the new system begins with data that matches the present books.

When it comes to entering the initial data, the procedure fluctuates relying upon the selected software. The recommended way is to make use of the guidelines that come with the software; this way, you will be able to make sure to appropriately convert accounting system.

When Should You Convert to Computerized Bookkeeping System?

The ideal time to transform manual bookkeeping into a computerized bookkeeping software is towards the end of an accounting period. The idea behind it is that you can skip a great deal of additional work including transactions that previously took place during a period.

It’s only simpler to hold up until the beginning of a new period irrespective of the fact that the software is purchased in the middle of an accounting period. Despite the fact changing over to a computerized system towards the end of a month, the best time to do it is towards the end of a calendar or fiscal year.

At whatever point you choose to begin with the computerized accounting software, the recommended way is to make use of the data from the trial balance that was utilized to close the transactions at the end of a bookkeeping period.

Automated Accounting Solution or Bookkeeping Software

With the bookkeeping software, you get the following advantages:


Software is designed to process the accounting reports a lot quicker when contrasted with manual bookkeeping. Moreover, the software makes the process of reconciling the accounts speedy and simple. The software automatically takes out information through various applicable records and journals. It likewise updates the balances automatically.


The bookkeeping software is designed to make sure the accuracy; this way, you can make sure error-free and proficient bookkeeping cycle. On the other hand, manual bookkeeping process is prone to make errors. With the help of accounting software, you can make sure to reduce mathematical errors since the software prevents entering incorrect data, and it automates postings to different ledgers and journals.

Instant Comprehensive Results

In the event that you need to know where each penny goes without requiring quite a long time through the financial related books, in this case, bookkeeping software will save the day.

Faster and Simpler to Take Out Reports and Financial Statements

With the help of bookkeeping software, you can pull different reports simultaneously. Moreover, you can post amounts to different accounts and update balances automatically. With the help of a mouse click, you can prepare the financial reports.

Steps of Automation

Following are various stages in the manual bookkeeping cycle that will be computerized by a dependable bookkeeping software:

  1. Post-closing trial balance preparation
  2. Unadjusted trial balance preparation
  3. Adjusted trial balance preparation
  4. Financial statements preparation
  5. Journalize closing entries
  6. Ledger accounts entries
  7. Adjusting entries
  8. Entries of closing

In an organization, a substantial number of transactions take place that needs to be maintained in daily task. With the advent of technology, these days, there is proficient bookkeeping software advancement in the manner accounting functioning as straightforward as conceivable to deal with number of tasks in this field.

There are several accounts, such as:

  1. Financial reports (financial statements preparation)
  2. Account receivable
  3. Account payable
  4. Payroll services
  5. Billing

With the advent of bookkeeping software, these complex accounting tasks are easy to deal with, which, as a result, saves time and effort.

You possibly will find different bookkeeping software accessible in the market; in some cases, you can hire accounting bookkeeping service and let experts handle the task for you at reasonable prices.

Followings are different upsides of a standard bookkeeping software:

  1. Bookkeeping software and bookkeeping services offer cost-saving solutions when contrasted with manual bookkeeping system
  2. In case you procure accounting bookkeeping service, you are sure to get exclusive standards of security
  3. The process of accessing your accounts is simple, and you can access anyplace and anytime
  4. Bookkeeping software is equipped with up-to-date accounting standards
  5. You can update accounts as per the requirements
  6. Saves a considerable length of time and efforts

Virtual Accountant

In the case of a virtual accountant, you can get help from an individual who performs all your accounting tasks from a remote location, and in this case, you don’t need to arrange sitting arrangement in-house. Virtual accountant won’t work in a conventional office rather they would perform tasks online.

The virtual accounting service provider will perform all the tasks utilizing the most recent bookkeeping software. They are furnished with different software to meet different bookkeeping prerequisites. They totally rely upon the online resources which would be increasingly exact and fast. You don’t need to stress over your important data as the software are greatly data encrypted and just available to the designated individual who executes the tasks.

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