North Indian’s most favorite breakfast includes kachori, jalebi, lassi, parantha and you are done with your stomach full breakfast and mouth full of essence of flavors. That too with as much temptations that craving won’t stop you from eating it for days together. Locals of Agra have a unique way of eating; spice with the instinct of sweet.

  1. Agrasen Sweets: It should be the top most among all, because it worth the position. The only known sweets and namkeen shop for Pure Ghee preparation of breakfast and sweets. It’s famous for its unique taste and quality it provides, that no other one can provide in the city. In total, there are 3 outlets and the taste remains the same with that perfect blend of ghee, ingredients and flavors serve hot on the plate. Just standing there can make you feel like presence of heaven people wonder, that’s the magic of their essence in the breakfast. A must to try eating joint, when you are in the city of Taj.
  2. Deviram: This is another breakfast corner in the city. Its items are prepared from refined oil and opens in the morning to grab the crowd of the place. It’s a small joint but still delicious.
  1. Bhagat halwai: As, name suggests it’s the place for snacks eatery items, prepared from refined oil. You can enjoy breakfast out there in their few more outlets.
  1. Sattolala: This is a restaurant, serves you the hot snacks in the morning. It is one of the known places for breakfast. It’s present in the congested location but yet good.
  1. Rambabu Paranthe wala: The best known place for varieties of paranthas. The only place in the city where you can enjoy the delicacies of traditional mouthwatering paranthas is this one.

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