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  1. Your web-site is just amazing showcasing the places you've been to on a map. Whose idea was it?

I first started with a written blog, and people could read about my adventures, that eventually became a photographic blog, then added video segments then what it’s now, a full on Video Production with videos on website and my YouTube Channel ( )

  1. What has been your inspiration behind traveling?

I always wanted to discover who were the rest of the people in the world, and how they were surviving. I wanted to meet them and learn about how other people were living. That and I was curious to physically see the greatest wonders our world has to offer.

  1. Which YouTube video/place will always stay the closest to your heart?

My 3 year epic selfie video is my favorite, because I created something no one had ever done before and it went super viral with over 200 Million views world wide and put me on the national and international news around the world. And it was the beginning to my career and life now.

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  1. Do you follow certain Travel YouTubers?

I actually stay away from following others, I like to stay ignorant to what’s happening in that world. Because then my videos and content stay true to who I am, and not some trend that is going on.

  1. If you had to choose only one place to live for the rest of your life, which state/country would it be?

An impossible question. I’ll just say I’m still looking and deciding.

  1.  Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

I didn’t know I would be in South America today, a week ago so I have no idea where life will take me

  1. If you could hold on to one memory from your life forever, what would that be?

Walking across the world's largest salt flat in Bolivia during the wet season where it becomes the world’s largest mirror and the sky paints itself on the floor.

  1. What lessons has your work life taught you?

Patience is key to survival and success

  1. When you meet God, what do you want to say to Him?


  1. A song that describes your current state of mind.


  1. 'Motorcycle Adventure Rider' - How did it all start?

I had a motorcycle, I wanted adventure, and I had to ride it around the world to get it.

  1. Which journey you adore the most?

Every journey is a different meaning and teaches me new things. So my entire life is one giant journey

  1. What's exciting to you about motorcycles?

I like motorcycles because it’s the cheapest way to travel, it takes you places where most people will never go, and it connects you with local people in ways backpacking simply can not

  1. How do you think the youth can travel more with lesser money?

It’s about making smart choices when you travel, sleeping in dorms, not buying alcohol, and making your own food are some suggestions for keeping it cheap.

  1. "A quick summary of all my travels to over 41+ countries, 75+ borders, 200,000 KM driven in over 650+ days. Around the world on dirt roads to interstates, through hurricanes, tornados, hail, sunshine, snow, ice, while camping at gas stations, CouchSurfing, hostels and random people's homes." - Are there times when you feel you need to pause and just stay much longer at a place than expected?

Traveling for so long the body and mind need rest for sure. I usually take long breaks when my body tells me to.

  1. What is that one survival tip that has always kept you going?

You can only rely and trust yourself. Be confident in your abilities and know that it should be your choice and yours alone in any situation.


  1. A famous celebrity whom you would love to take on a road trip to a favorite destination of yours?

I think any celebrity would have too many problems on a trip like this, and I wouldn’t want to take care of any of them. But for the sake of creating the most exposure for myself and what I do, I would say the one that has the most social media followers.

  1. What makes your day?

Knowing that I did something epic and brilliant.

  1. High point of your life?

Feeling on top of the world after I circumnavigated the earth and return to where I started

  1. The last line of your autobiography would read…

…Now go out there and make your life epic too

  1.        How would you reflect on “ Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”? Also, what's your all-time favourite travel quote?

Travel teaching you so much more than you can learn in school or at home. I wish we could all travel, the world would be a better place for us all.


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