Love should be always celebrated. And when our close ones participate in our celebration, it becomes extraordinary. Every anniversary is special for couples. But some of the anniversaries are more special. Like first, 25th, 50th, etc. Some couples celebrate their anniversary year at a grand level. Some of the couples celebrate their, special anniversary. It depends on their choice and budget. For every couple, their anniversary is very special. They do everything to make it lavish. They throw a big party with a lavish arrangement. Some couple throws a small party, according to their budget and friend circle. But every party has some etiquette, which makes it successful. Let’s take a look at the things about which, we have to be careful.

Party Hall

 Party place should be a book, at least 15 days before the party. The Party hall should be according to your guest list. So the guest can enjoy, and also feel comfortable. Party should be calm and classy, not filled with gathering. So, the first thing on the anniversary party preparing list is the booking party hall and florist in Ludhiana. If there will be an issue in the party hall, then the whole party will be ruin. And also the guest has to suffer because of it.

Invitation Card

An invitation card is a very important thing for a party. The invitation should be sent to the guests, at least 15days before. Because in today’s world, everyone is very busy in their life. So they have to set their schedule for the party. And sending the last-minute invitation, it seems insulting. So sending an invitation is the second most important thing on the list.


Every party plus point is decoration and food. Decoration should be classy and soothing. Lights should be eye-friendly and attractive. Use fresh flowers in the decoration. Because it not only gives the whole decoration an elegant look. But also it spreads fresh fragrance in the whole party. Flowers always make everyone happy and smile. Use glass light in decoration, it will give a spectacular look. The decoration is just like the cover of a book, it says the whole story of the party. 

Music and Dance

None of the party is complete without music and dance. Music is very important in the anniversary party. It creates the whole mood of the party. Music should be according to the age of the guest and place. Instruct DJ according to the preferences. Because people on the dance floor depends on the music and, also the guests’ mood. Play soothing music as well as jazz, piano, violin and Bollywood music.

Anniversary Cake

Without the anniversary cake, we cannot think about the anniversary party. The cake is a special guest of the party. The party apple of the eye is cake, so the cake should be amazing. Keep more focus on the cake. Order from nearby bakery or order online anniversary cake from Bloomsvilla. They have a unique collection of anniversary cakes. 


We usually see the parties, especially in the anniversary and wedding parties. Guests have to wait a lot for the food, sometimes argues also happens. So buffets should be in a  manner way. Instruct waiters that every guest taste meal according to their choices. Keep veg and non-veg counter separate at the party. So, the guests can enjoy a buffet happily.  Because almost all the guests come to the party to eat and enjoy it. And without having good food how could any party can be grand. Order food according to your guest likes means the majority of people likes. Don’t forget to add 4,5 comfort food in your buffet. So every guest can eat food properly. Because good food makes a good mood.

Return Gift 

Return gift is the way of thanking their appearance.  So return should be authentic and beautiful. The most beautiful and eco-friendly gift is a flower. As an anniversary of the party return gift, gift flower. According to season and budget gift flower. And this is the gift that every guest will accept happily. And nobody will complain that they didn’t get a good gift. So order rose, orchid, tulip, lily of whatever you want. Just say your florist or order online to add a thank you card in the bouquet.