Arijit Singh seems to be the voice of the nation. His music, his voice has touched the hearts of millions of fans all over India and abroad as well. The singer has become so pervasive in Bollywood that a movie is incomplete without one song by Arijit Singh. With this kind of powerful voice comes a responsibility. The responsibility to keep making good songs and keep the audience happy, especially in today’s world of immediate feedback. But this singer seems to be doing his job very well, delivering hit after hit songs, without a stop. In the millennial language, he’s on a roll. For all the Arijit Singh fans out there, here is a list of five of his best tracks on YouTube, that you can listen to on a loop tirelessly :

  1. Arijit Singh performed a soulful, solo unplugged mix of his songs, and those of others, on the 6th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards. Music Awards are always a delight to the musically inclined, and a performance by Arijit Singh just makes it ten times better. Don’t call yourself a fan if you haven’t watched this video yet.
  2. Love Forever by Arijit Singh Audio Jukebox is almost an hour long collection of the best romantic songs by Arijit Singh, uploaded by T-Series. It is perfect for a long drive or a road trip with a loved one. Dive into it now.
  3. Best of Arijit Singh- All Unplugged Songs, 15Hits is the perfect collection for you, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like loud music and prefer unplugged songs. 15 unplugged songs by Arijit Singh are your treat.
  4. Best of Arijit Singh Audio Jukebox, again by T-Series does the efficient task of picking up 12 best songs of Arijit Singh, out of so many favourites. Listen to the singer’s voice to your heart’s content.
  5. Valentine’s Day Special by Sony India, is again a collection of the best romantic songs by Arijit Singh. Sony India seems to know that Valentine’s Day is best when celebrated with the most romantic voice of the country.

There. You have the list. Now what are you waiting for? Just dive right into it, and have a lifetime’s dose of the nation’s favourite singer.


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