‘It’s moments like these when you really appreciate life’ 

– 3:44, Lift Vegan, YouTube


Hold on to your passports and Wi-Fi as we traverse the culturally-rich and economically thriving capital of China. Several parts of the city seem to be an intersection of the past and future with our vloggers capturing their adventures to palaces-built centuries ago, a monument rightfully considered a ‘wonder,’ each taking us through their individual journeys right from the start. We chuckled as Nadine rushed to catch a bus, empathised as Lauren spent hours in line, bucket-listed a trek to the unseen parts of the great wall that Tyra climbed and watched awestruck at Oscar’s artistic depiction of Beijing. All of us related in some way to these incredible and very-different vloggers, each managing to capture a tourist experience every one of us has experienced someplace. Listening to them rant about the crowds, gush about the dumplings and chicken soup and watch them awestruck and almost moved to tears at how beautiful some parts of the city were made it a very personal-watch. While most of the videos were centred around the great wall of China, and understandably so considering it is one of China’s prime tourist spots and a true architectural wonder, I also appreciate some of their efforts to document the equally beautiful ‘non-hallmark card’ locations including Gubei water town and Beihai park. What was incredible to watch was how five people of different ethnicities and from different cultures, each with different interests and purpose, giving us a different perspective of the same view.





By Akshaya Jose Devasia