Virginia Woolf has once quoted, “One can’t think well, love well and sleep well if one hasn’t dined well.” She sure had her priorities sorted in life. Food is an important factor of life that helps us to stay healthy and active every day. Man loves food and we can’t imagine a single day without it because it has created so much impact in our tummies, or else it starts growling. We intake various vitamins and minerals through the meals we have, in result of which we stay healthy with high immunity, power and growth.

Food culture is different all over the world. Meanwhile in India, Bengaluru, the capital city of the state Karnataka, we can witness numerous restaurants and experience the lingering taste of food of various cuisines. It’s a place where people from different parts of the world stays. Thus there is a high scope for the restaurants and pubs to run successfully. Biryani is always considered to be the most important main course dish in South India. It’s a combination of flavoured rice with choice of meat/chicken/fish/egg/vegetables in it, accompanied with raita.

So now let us get on a tour to find the best restaurants where stomach-appealing Biriyanis are available in the Garden City!!


  1. PARADISE (Koramangala 4th block)

It’s one of the most renowned biryani centres in Namma Bengaluru, all its way from Hyderabad since 1953. Having 5 outlets in the city, some of the popular dishes are Mutton and Chicken Dum Biriyani and Kebabs. It’s the best place for the home sick people and also for the families to dine out with excellent service. Food made with pure ghee and the finest rice will produce the kind of aroma that can truly turn you on!


  1. Hyderabad Biryani House (Victoria road)

Having 6 branches across the city, they have been serving Bengalureans since a long time. Some of their most popular dishes are, of course, Mutton and Chicken biryani. Hyderabadi biryani is the spiciest biryani in India with delicious flavour and aroma.


  1. FIREWOOD BIRIYANI (Richmond town)

If you would like to taste some lip-smacking Biryani, flavoured with Western Ghat spices, prepared on firewood stove, then rush to Firewood. The popular dish you can order here is Islamic Dum Biryani which looks extremely delicious. They receive tons of orders and delivers to offices and homes in the city. Another must-try is the dessert, Pineapple Kheer. Go with an empty stomach, so that you’ll be able to experience the taste and aroma well.


  1. SHIVAJI MLITARY HOTEL (Jayanagar 8th block)

Donne biryani is the most famous biryani in Bangalore, which is a village style kind of, served on palm or papaya leaves and are inexpensive too. This is the right place for you to taste the authentic. Donne biryani, accompanied with onion and cucumber salad. Some of the other dishes to try out are Pepper chicken and Mutton roast and more. Usually the hotels serving Donne biryani are always heavily crowded, but the food you have later will worth the wait!


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