How many times have you not heard about it? Do you want to quit smoking, tomorrow I no longer smoke, from the date of x ready I leave, after New Year, after Easter? Maybe you will also learn something from my experience, perhaps with me. Others will follow my example, and I will indirectly do well to as many people as possible. You can even try to mocospace login to divert your mind

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am an outstanding theoretician in this field but with little experience in the area. However, I got to experience some vital issues in the fight against smoking.

There are the best ways to quit smoking

Suddenly and gives the best results.

You need a will of bull, a high strength, and stubbornness: I have left and ready today I do not stop smoking! It is an excellent method, but at the same time, it involves a lot of suffering.

The body will perceive the cessation of smoking as a punitive thing, as a forbidden thing. It is easy to pass the part of the accommodation with lack of nicotine the part with withdrawal that in some exist in others not. But it is quite challenging to withstand during the maintenance period (remainder) which means a lifetime tale on a damn long period in which you wonder. How can I not allow smoking again!? Not even a tiny little cigarette, small ever!? ”

NOT! This big NO makes you think that the first year without cigarettes will last forever. You will dream the night as you smoke, you will make incoherent gestures the day, bringing to your mouth an imaginary object. You will look for the lighter through the pockets of a reflex gesture. There are people who after years still feel the need to smoke, again tempt them to light a small, of everything, to even draw a smoke, a tiny little smoker of everything.

Attention anything that you forbid to your body will seem much more tempting; you know very well the idea of the forbidden fruit.
Imagine that tomorrow you intend and never to eat cheese or chocolate NEVER. It will never be perceived by the body in such a way that even if you did not breathe after cheese or chocolate. Now when you have forbidden this, you salivate all day. And cheese or chocolate will seem to you one of the essential things in the Universe:

“Ah what I want to eat a piece of cheese to melt it in the mouth easy to feel it sliding down your throat slowly or ciocolatica in that peanut. How it was okay not leave me to eat, why!? ‘ Gigel wakes up at 7 a.m. to go to work.
He didn’t even get up from the bed, and the cigarette lit a reflex. He goes to the kitchen, and a robot puts boiling water. He often blinks his eyes and shoots with thirsts of cigarettes. He doesn’t even get a chance to make coffee that is still hot and ignites a cigarette from the boredom until it cools.

He puts his coffee in the cup and rubs contentedly with his hands. He sips the first mouthful of coffee, and the reflex activates again: another cigarette lights up. Gigel is greedy and made a big cup of coffee, about half the cup still lights one more. If Gigel had a conversation with someone new, he would have smoked cigarette from the cigarette, but for now, let’s say he is alone.

Gigel left for the tram-trolley-bus station that would take him to work or get in his car. If Gigel goes with the means of public transport, the moment, he comes out to door he lights a cigarette to keep him from boredom until he reaches the station. If Gigel has a personal car in the second 2 seconds of getting in the car, a cigarette will light up to prepare for traffic stress.

Let’s say Gigel goes by public transport, from the second he set foot on the tram stop. Or he arrives at the bus station lights up a new cigarette that will protect him from the boredom of waiting.
After the cigarette is over, Gigel receives a phone call. From the second the phone rings, Gigel automatically puts his hand in his pocket and lights up a cigarette to protect him from any issues he might hear on the phone.
Gigel takes the means of transport and reaches the destination, from the second in whom he descended automatically a cigarette that will release him after the stress and cramp in which he had to stay.
Gigel gets to work and makes another coffee. In his vision, the bigger and darker the coffee, the happier and fuller the day will be.
Gigel automatically lights another cigarette. This time Gigel socializes with colleagues, laughs, jokes, this well-being must be celebrated with another cigarette, 2, 3, 4, look at 9 o’clock, and Gigel has already smoked 15 cigarettes and has only started day 2 hours !!

The boss comes nervous and yells at Gigel that he has not accomplished. I do not know what task, in a split second Gigel holds his hand in his pocket. And lights the eternal cigarette that will relieve the anger caused by the boss’s reproaches.
Gigel is shaken, is stressed, something does not go according to plan. Reason for another cigarette, finally the operation succeeds, and Gigel lights up this time a cigarette in a sign of the joy that he enjoys by pulling long and eliminating the smoke almost through a sigh.

During the program, the situation becomes stable, and Gigel at one point becomes bored lighting another cigarette to cancel the boredom. After that, Gigel expects a critical response from a supplier, and the answer expected, guess what Gigel is doing? Of course, another cigarette lights up while waiting.

It’s time for a new coffee, Gigel lights a cigarette while the coffee flows to the appliance. And one more after the coffee is ready Gigel’s workday is over, and he leaves the office door, the second he leaves the gate. He lit a new cigarette that preventively protects it from the stress of the crammed into the bus-trolley-tram to the house. Gigel gets a phone call, lights up a preventive cigarette. After the phone received, another 3 lights up one after the other while thinking about what he heard. He received bad news; his girlfriend is sick. Village after a day’s work, Gigel opts for a meeting with some friends over a beer. Now the situation is different Gigel does not smoke but smokes like an oven. Having ten cigarettes in 30 minutes is equal to one pack in an hour, from a cigarette. After 5 Gigel beers come home it’s tired, he still lights a meditative cigarette and watches the TV. If the movie he is watching is a drama, then he will always light a cigarette in spite of it. And if it is a comedy, then he will light an amusement cigarette. However, you give it; Gigel finds a perfect time for cigarettes anytime.

How else could a man get to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day?

I do not know how many of you find yourself in this character. But the climax of this character exists and located in any smoker. Think of it as 60 cigarettes and 60 times a day Gigel’s hand goes from rifle to mouth with a lit cigarette. A reflex created so strong that the gesture of taking his hand to his mouth will follow him for a long time, even after Gigel will quit.
These moments of automaticity must be identified and fought. At least if you become aware of them, you will know how to better fight with your brain and the neural connections established over time.

Here we reach the first critical stage when we want to quit smoking, namely identifying the hypostases in which we wish to light a cigarette. The example with Gigel earlier is childish, and each person develops individual skills that are specific on a case-by-case basis. So with the risk of repeating me, you have to observe for a week to say, all the times. When you want to smoke and note the moment, the state that caused you to drag and the sensation experienced then.

Final Words:

I have already introduced you to the second method of quitting smoking; let’s call it the conditioning method. Yes, the conditioning method because we condition ourselves to quit smoking, we try to convince our brain that pleasure does not mean tobacco but giving up smoking. We have to break all these patterns that cause us to light a cigarette. We have to go over the neural automatism with which our brain has become accustomed.