When you enter college or university, you will be overwhelmed with the number of homework assignments that seem to be more difficult than the ones you were assigned with as a high school student. The essays, the research papers, the book reports, and tests – sometimes, you feel like the range of projects are not going to end. Taking into account the academic pressure, it’s not a surprise that so many college students fall behind. Keeping up with all the homework assignments, getting enough sleep and finding time to balance your love life and a part-time job is a tall task. Let’s be honest: it’s going to take a while to find out how to best accomplish all the assignments within the deadlines. As a freshman, the first couple of weeks you’re going to feel completely helpless. Getting all the assignments done and finishing all the readings takes way longer than it did when you were at high school. If you’re already fed up with the homework overload and need some help to optimize your productivity, make sure to follow the recommendations on how to handle the homework pressure.

Know the places where your productivity turns on. According to college and university graduates, different types of homework assignments are conducive to various working environments. Instead of wandering here and there and just writing your essays or book reviews wherever you happen to be, it is recommended to decide which spots work better for certain academic assignments. For instance, you may prefer writing your lab report in a quiet library room, while your bed or study lounges would be a perfect place for your readings. It is important to figure out where you work best since putting yourself in a place that is conducive to the home assignment at hand is a must if you need to succeed academically.

Give yourself regular breaks. No matter how busy you may think you are, it is important to take breaks between the study sessions. The point is that if you work too much, sooner or later you are going to burn out. Overworking isn’t good for your health condition and what is more, it is really bad for your productivity. According to the multiple researches, people can only concentrate on the same task for a limited period of time. Many college students try to push past these limits and work on their college assignments without any particular schedule, they will end up feeling completely tired, slowly and retaining a little bit of what you were planning to accomplish.

The educators recommend here to break up each home assignment into the chunks that you can manage with ease and provide short breaks in between. This will provide you with an opportunity to do more by working in segments of 40 minutes “on” and 15 minutes “off” instead of working 24 hours non stop trying to focus on everything at once.  

Give preference to the classes you enjoy. That’s quite obvious, you may say. But the truth is that it IS really crucial to attend classes that you are interested in. By taking college or university classes that get you inspired you’re not going to be stressed next time you receive dozens of assignments. Without a doubt, doing homework isn’t something you’d prefer doing the Saturday night. But if the discipline you’re engaged in is interesting to you, chances are you are not going to feel upset by the work that needs to be done.

Take a well-balanced mix of college classes. If you make sure to take a balanced assortment of classes, you will have an opportunity to deal with different types of homework assignments. Ensure to vary the sorts of home assignments you work on every day since trying all your readings at once will 100% get monotonous. But if you mix readings with, let’s say, sociology essay writing assignment, you will keep both – your energy and inspiration ON for a long period of time.

It’s true that keeping up with home assignments you receive in college will be hard and daunting to cope with. Nonetheless, with the good assortment of classes you’re passionate about, the right mindset and healthy habits, soon you will handle the pressure of university-level homework and discover the endless potential within yourself.