This contest is to bring up best writer in huntsends community.

To start with you need to go to Contest Tab and select best write up contest. Choose any topic and write 300 words about that topic. You need to follow general rules of community here. Best writeup will be decided by the likes you will get on you writeup. Most liked write up will win the contest.

Contest Rules

The contest will start on 21st Feb '19 11:00 PM and ends on 7th March( Extended By 7 Days)  '19 11:00 PM . After that we will not consider any like.

You can write only one time. If you write more then one we will consider the one which have the less likes.

You write up must be self written and not be copy pasted . We know everything.

Write up must not be less then 300 words. We will not consider it even if it will have the highest votes.

You can get likes from the people outside from community.  Just share your write up with them and ask them to like.

Winning Prize

Winner will receive a prize of Rs 2000 and it will be transferred via Paytm.