BUNDI The City Of Stepwells

Hello to everyone and welcome back for more to know about Rajasthan. As in previous blogs you people have got the complete idea about Rajasthan and some more places. Now Rajasthan have wonderful and mesmerizing places to visit and we are taking you to the journey across Rajasthan, so that you never miss something here. Bundi has over 50 stepwells, of which the most beautiful is the 46-m (151-ft) deep Rani-Ki-Baori, also in the centre of town.

The perfect get away for a quiet vacation, this splendid town is dotted with palaces and forts, the place has a fairy tale quality about it. It is believed that Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling penned part of his famous novel ‘kim’ in Bundi. So impressed was he by the palace. Situated far from the crowds, it is the simple rural folk that lend Bundi its allure. Come explore this beautiful destination with us.



This video is mixture of footage and stills of walking through the streets, a visit to Bundi Palace, Sukh Mahal and Bhimlat Waterfalls.

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The main tourist attraction in Bundi is the Palace and Fort. Bundi Palace is a masterpiece, a hidden gem in this small town of Bundi, about 50 kms away from Kota in Rajasthan. Built in 1345, Taragarh is one of the most impressive structures in Bundi. While it may be a bit ramshackle and strewn with overgrown vegetation, the palace grounds are a great place for a leisurely stroll.


Bhimlat waterfalls Bundi


A visit to Bhimlat Waterfall can also be combined with other tourist attractions across the city. It is said Bhimlat Waterfall was created by Bhim – Pandav’s brother. Once Kunti – Pandav’s mother felt thirst at this location. His son Bhim hit the earth with leg with such force that earth divided into two parts and water came out.


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Bundi is often described as the undiscovered jewel of Rajasthan. Surrounded on three sides by the rugged, thickly forested Aravalli Hills, this walled town has retained much of its historic character. The Taragarh Fort crowns the crest of a steep hill overlooking the town, while the Garh Palace spills picturesquely down the hillside. This palace is Bundi’s — and Rajasthan’s — jewel.


 Raniji Ki Baori Stepwell, Bundi, India – Stunning architecture

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Raniji Ki Baori (or Queen’s Step well) in Bundi. This well known Bundi stepwell is thought to have been constructed in 1699 A.D. by Rani Nathawat Ji who was one of the wives of the ruler of Bundi, Rao Raja Anirudh Singh. This is Bundi’s most well known stepwell with plenty of features such as an arched gateway, nice terraces, pillars, sculptures as well as naturally enough, steps to look at.

Come explore the wonders and sites that Bundi has to offer.