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The singer who topped the charts of Billboard top 100 in 2018 with her single ‘Havana’ and also the former member of Fifth Harmony (Girl Band originally consisting of 5 members made during X Factor

in 2012), Camila Cabello is the new youth sensation. Her song is one of the best of Pop songs you will find anywhere and many publishers have already termed it as ‘Latin Fusion’. The song also features singer and rapper ‘Young Thug’. Basically, it depicts the story of a middle-class girl who has a certain likeness towards movies and often saw herself as the main actress in them.

Her beauty, talent and dance moves are so gracefully shown that she was almost lethal in it.  Camila is really a good singer. Moreover, her performance skills are undoubtedly the best too. She really is a complete package.

It is very rare for such a song to not have covers. If such a song will not get a plethora of covers then it would be unbelievable. An ample of covers are already uploaded all over the internet which are also enchanting masses towards them. Viewers are really liking some of them. A great compilation of such covers is given below. Do give it an ear and have some best voices reaching directly to you. Enjoy them with your friends – family and make some wonderful memories.

  1. Cover by Scarlett Rose.
  2. Cover by Boy Band Over Atlantic.
  3. Cover by J. Nissi Elisha.
  4. Live Cover by Scarlett Darleen. Yeah, you read it right cover recorded live by a singer.

Check them all out.

After you try them all, tell us about your favourite one.

Also suggest any other cover you liked that is worth a try for others.

Find the vlog of all covers,below: