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How Can You Satisfy Your Customer Through Exciting Packaging Solutions?  


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April 8, 2019 5:14 pm  

In today’s world, retaining customers is more difficult than attracting new customers. As the existing customers know about the company’s product and they are always looking for something new or attractive that a company can offer. Companies are also focusing on providing their customer something extra, something different from their competitors so that they can retain the customer. For me when I buy a product packaging is the first thing that I notice, and I want it to be perfect.

So in this article, I am going to tell you guys few tips to give you that competitive edge against your competitors, as packaging market has already very high competition so innovation is the need of the hour.

How to Attract Customers through Packaging:

As I said before, if you want to beat your competitors, you have to come up with new and creative ideas. So instead of standard packing go for something unique and more personalized packaging like if you are cooking selling company, you can deliver your cookies in a packaging that looks like a giant cookie, or if you are pizza company, then you can deliver the pizza in a pizza shaped box. This will not only make the customer happy, but he will be forced to buy from you again and again.

Complimentary Gifts:

What else you can do is, you can offer small gifts along with the main order. Like we see many companies offering toys along with kid’s meal, and then the kids force their parents to buy them burger from the same place so that they can get a toy. I love to get something free or something extra like if you have an ice cream shop, you can offer cookie with ice cream or anything that you have in overstock, and this makes the customer remind of your company every time they look at that gift.

Let Colors Do the Talking:

Colors play an important role when it comes to packaging, use dull and boring colors and use bright colors for another packaging, and you will see the difference. Its human phycology, bright colors attract and especially red as it creates desire and hunger, so use different bright colors to attract customer be innovative, challenge yourself and give these types of surprises to your customers.

Make it Personalized:

As I said before, try to personalize your product, by attaching a note, a simple token of appreciation, a simple thank you or just a message for letting them know they are valued. Let the customer know that your company’s preference has always been the customer’s choice and what they like, and along with that, you can surprise your customer with a small gift that they will not be expecting at all. We all love to be appreciated and so does the customer to do that, and you will see your sales going up.

Security is a Priority:

Every customer wants its product to be safe and secure when it is delivered to him. Therefore, before you think of all those creative and innovative packaging ideas, you should not forget that the product safety is the priority here and you cannot compromise on that. Therefore, even if you pack it all beautifully, but it is damaged once it reaches the customer, then all your efforts will go in vain.

Use of Green Raw Materials:

Use recycled, natural and clean products in your packaging and mention it on your packaging that your company uses eco-friendly products. Let the customers know that you are reducing your carbon footprint like bubble wrap instead of using padding to keep the product from breaking.

Be Creative:

Use different designs like patterns with a different color scheme to make the product appealing and give a fancier look. You can also keep the packaging simple with just a few touches like add few colors or just a logo on a colorful packaging would do too. If the product you are selling can catch dust, so make sure you do layers of packaging so that it does not catch dust or if they are fragile, even then you can use double packaging idea. Like how the shoes come in a dust ruffle to keep the shoes away from dust.

No, Risk no Gain:

Try to be a risk taker and go for something bold and creative like different patterns that have never been used before, different colors. But while designing a packaging, you have to think like a customer that is a customer would you like it or not. If the product you are selling has a lot of competition, then you have to be creative like if its honey that you are selling then you can sell it in a container made of beeswax to attract people towards your product.

Tell a story:

Use your packaging to tell a story about your company. How you came up with the idea of selling the product in this way the customer will be able to connect with you and who doesn’t love hearing a story anyway, so it is a good idea. You can also try boxes having cello window that shows what is inside the box so that the customer could know that behind the packaging, the product is as amazing as the packaging. Make sure you keep up with the trend that’s going on by packaging in a way that is according to the recent trends to let people know how much aware you are about the latest trends.

Why Packaging Matters:

The first thing a customer notice while buying a product is the packaging if it attracts him; only then, he will buy the product. A good packaging leaves a long lasting impression on the customer that makes them recommend your products to others. In this way, not only you will be able to attract new customer but will also retain your existing customers. Not only does good packaging retains customers but it also increases the sales and has an impact on your profits.

It also improves your reputation among customers that your company does the best packaging. Through proper packaging, your product arrives on time that too without getting damaged or broken, and that is what makes the customer happy and he will come to you again for shopping. 


Kirthika Reddy
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June 12, 2019 9:04 am  

A product should have colourful packing because generally we humans get attracted to colour easily. 


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