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Pick pockets – the story of women's pockets  


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March 7, 2019 12:37 pm  

For maintaining an orderly society, it is crucial for men and women to stand at par with each other. Equality in all respects is important to sustain a harmonious society. However, this is something that is understood and yet not established. For decades, women have been sidestepped, discriminated against, and ill-treated. Women have faced all kinds of problems – big and small. Let’s not get into the big ones now and discuss one of the really, really small ones. Which though small in intensity, still remains a problem. Pockets. Women’s pockets.

Although less talked about, it is rather a familiar fact that women’s clothing have small pockets that prove to be inadequate and insufficient to keep the most basic things – phones, keys, wallets etc. Digging into the whys and wherefores of the small pockets, we find it is credited to the growing textile trends. Pockets weren’t always this inconvenient – during the period from 17thto 19th century, women had bigger pockets. These weren’t directly attached to their clothing but were in the form of a detachable cloth bags that was supposed to be tied around the waist underneath the skirt. This proved to be convenient and comfortable. They didn’t pull on the dress and could be changed anytime.

However, towards the end on 19th century the pocket mania began fading out. This was again due to change in trends. With fashion journalists somewhat critiquing the pockets many switched to purses and handbags instead. These were often small in size and had to be carried around. As more and more women entered the workforce, they switched from skirts and gowns to pants. These pants had spacious pockets.

When the first denim pants for women came out in the 1930s, they had big pockets but were mostly worn by women working in ranches. It was around thirty years later that denim pants came into fashion. The fashion started finetuning itself and led to pockets being an element of fashion rather than something that had a purpose. New varieties such as pencil jeans and slim fits were introduced. And pockets would ruin its style – often times it stretched out the fabric from the hip area giving the pant a “bad fit”.

It is true that pockets on women’s clothing have proved to be useless over time due to its small size as compared to men’s clothing pockets. Studies show that on an average, men’s clothing have pockets 48% larger as compared to women’s. At the same time, pockets are difficult be tailored into women’s clothing as it might ruin the overall design and fit. The right fit for pants like pencil jeans is important. Otherwise it loses its purpose. Women prefer carrying handbags these days. It gives them more space to carry their things and also looks stylish. The pocket has divided women into the “pocketists” and the “antipocketists”. Although the protest for bigger pockets continue, many argue that their handbag comes much more in “handy”.

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March 7, 2019 12:39 pm  

Very unique topic!


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