Is everything true …

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Is everything true whatever the stars speaks in an interview?  



Is it? 


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Not so


Its challenging to comment upon it but as per my concern celebrities use to answer in a very accurate manner which shows that they are more concentrated for building up their image instead of the correct answer. In our country we use to believe celebrities as our style icon and  follow them. They use to make stragies to attract public by showing their soft and polite phase which is beneficial for their career so the answer is firstly cover the attraction of audience where the truth is really not even mentioned.


In interviews, it is very important for stars to think at least twice before they make any comments. They are aware that every word they say will be taken into account, and they try their best to maintain a neutral relationship with others in the industry. So as a third party, we really don’t know if what the star is saying in an interview is a blunt truth or just a lie.


Of course not they are always consious of what they say


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