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Which is better old original songs or the new renditions ?  



Which is better original old songs or the new renditions ?

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I would really like to say, that old songs have originality, the soulful lyrics, the unique beats. They were made from scratch. They remind us, the millennial, of a time, when things were simple, and of the time when they saw or heard the music for the first time. They are nostalgic.

In the recent times, we have seen a rise in remixing of songs, you know, adding new and fast beats, rap, punjabi lyrics, with almost every new rendition song containing some inappropriate visuals suggestions. Some are good and pleasing to hear by the new generation, however many of them are just people trying to make a good song and failing miserably. Even Lata Mangeshkar, a prominent singer, said after the new rendition of her song Chalte Chalte, that she was deeply saddened by what the music industry is doing.


I will consider your answer. But what about hight rated profit earned through recreating these renditions. To best of my information, every individual playlist today will have the new rendition and not the original song ( there might be few exceptions). Don’t you think it’s the popularity that is earning it fame. For example, the new “Ghar se nikalte hi” sung by Armaan Mallik or “Jab Koi baat bigad jae” by Atif Aslam is much loved and admired presently. Maybe we are of the era of beats and not of melody.


The frequency of songs having "meaningful lyrics" was more in last decades than the current scenario.. If generalized , out of every 10 songs 8 songs had some meaning or moral in the lyrics which is just the reverse these days.
I agree that there were few songs in olden era which had no meaning like "Ena meena dika " but still they were never misleading the youth... it was just for fun..
But now a days "Fun" has taken all new meaning.

Few Examples of "old songs "
"Ruk jana nahi tu kabhi haar kaaton pe chalke milenge saye bahar ke o rahi o rahi "
"Kisi ki muskurahato pe ho nisar.. kisi ka dard mil sake toh le udhar , kisi ke waste ho tere dil me pyaar jeena isi ka naam he" (My personal fav )
"Jeevan chalne ka naaam chalte raho subah o sham "
" Ae mere watan ke logo zara ankh me bhar lo paani "
"Zindagi ke safar me guzar jaate hai jo makam woh fir nai ate "
"Safal hogi teri aradhnaaa.. kahe ko roye "
"Ek pyaar ka nagma he ... mojo ki rawani hai"

These are some few songs that came to my mind .....

And Now few examples of the new songs :
"Char bottle vodka kaam mera roz ka"
"Baag DK bose"
"kar de mushkil jeena Ishq kamina"
"Nacho sare G phad ke"

These are few examples of the quality of songs our generation is listening and is passing on to the coming generations...

Although even in this pool of crap there are still few songs that entertain us and keep us connected.

"Har ghadi badal rai hai roop zindagi "
"Yeh hosla kaise choote yeh arzu kaise toote "
"Kuch Paane ki ho aass ..rakho armano ko as pass ashayein"
Tu payega jo lakshya he tera (My personal fav )

and if we talk about music in earlier days you had a piece of many instruments and their melodies.
But maximum of songs  today are composed on same general beats which doesn't have any music in it but high pitched noise ..

"Old songs were awesome and few of the new songs are good too." 
But as said  : "New is silver .... but old is gold " 🙂

Your reply is most valuable. But the question was on new platform on renditions. We all love songs with meaningful lyrics and soothing music. And the songs you mentioned are evergreen hits.


I think that depends on the mood and the opinions of the person. 

I personally love the new remakes. However, sometimes I just feel like dipping into those old classic vibes with a blurry audio and such real everything. 


Being a musician myself, I would prefer the old ones..
There’s a reason why old songs are being remade and no new song is able to stand up to the legacy.

Old songs were made after much research and thought such as raga, mood, theme, singer, the effect on viewer, picturization, compatibility with movie plot, etc. Moreover, genuine human thought and labour was invested in these songs which shape hem to the diamonds they are..

Current songs are chiefly made using technology and the soul has been replaced with machine and thus there is no prolonged effect ..

Hope this answers your question 🙂



You can’t recreate the magic of the original one. Old original songs are so intricately composed and giving them a new twist is truly not necessary.

Old gems were made by employing talented musicians and arranging numerous instruments to create a melodious tune as per the imagination of iconic music directors like SD Burman and RD Burman. Today’s technology can only try to recreate that sort of charm.

The unplugged versions are beautiful but the remix versions are pointless. And if the music directors today want to remix it as a nod to the original one, then just play the original one as a background score. It’s way more tolerable than the former idea of remixes.


Older one. Not because they are original or feels like nostalgia but they are sung by some of the best singers in the world without any transition and pitch flattening effects which gives them the originality over the new rendition. And moreover the new renditions have added the stupid lyrics with the old gold lyrics 


Old Original Songs were better it had the original feeling and tunes


I think making a generalized choice regarding old songs or their new renditions is not right. In some cases, the old ones are nice whereas in some the new versions are better. It is simply an individual’s own choice. A song must not be judged on the basis if its old, new or a remake or remix version, rather must be liked depending upon the beats, music, voice. Sometimes, the old songs are soothing while sometimes their new remakes are more catchy and interesting. 


The new renditions


The new renditions


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