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What do you think of the Patriot Act by Hasan Minhaj?  


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June 10, 2019 4:27 pm  

I, personally, love that show. It has taught me so much about so many topics. Hasan is a great host and knows so much about everything


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June 12, 2019 9:50 pm  


Thank you for asking this question. I love that show. It is by far, the best “news” show that explains factual data with genuine humor attached to it. What enhances the appeal of the show is its concept. Hasan Minhaj is a Muslim Indian NRI, one of the few most influential Indians in the world of infotainment. He uses the platform of online entertainment to spread awareness about topics and news pieces that haven’t been completely reported by the big news channels. There’s a big reason why we need someone like him tin news business.One, people tend to take news channels very seriously. If they find a news reported with any humor attached to it, people in India just get offended. As a nation, we’re in desperate need for people to develop a sense of humor, otherwise when the world ends because of either global warming or nuclear bombings, Indians will die the dullest. Two, we need the facts stated in the most obvious manner and that too loudly, for people to notice them and at least think about doing something about it.


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