Does maggie actuall…

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Does maggie actually cook im 2 mins ? I dont think so  🧐   



Does maggie actually cook im 2 mins ? I dont think so  🧐 

2 Answers

Not at all, I have tried several times to cook Maggi within two minutes and I have failed miserably. The water itself takes more than one and a half minutes to come to boil than when the noodles are put in, the minimum time that it takes to be well cooked is somewhere around four to six minutes. I have also tried to put in my noodles and water at the same time, but this is much worse. My noodles were greatly overcooked and a lot more soupy than I would actually prefer. Even if you put nothing in, like no vegetables or eggs, the simplest version of it takes several minutes: from opening the packet to pouring the cooked noodles in the bowl, it takes around ten minutes, so @ minutes noodles it is not. And the noodles they show in the endorsement with loads of vegetables and paneer and what not, they are of course not done in two minutes, never ever. It takes another ten minutes to saute the vegetables before putting in the noodles unless you like boiled vegetables in your noodles.


No, It’s not.

The simple version of Maggi (only with Maggi Masala) takes 5 minutes.

And if we add veggies in it, then it takes 15 minutes. 

But yes, it is one of the least time taken recipe so far.