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Are you a biryani lover?  



If yes, write why?

If no, even then write why? 

9 Answers

yes i am a biryani of the best dish according to me .i love the variety of spices that is used in its preparation .i love to have it with rayta



yes . i will enjoy the most when i am having it . people who love biriyani need to try my few fav biriyani places : 

bawarchi was my fav 

nasir iqbal you find one of the finest biriyani there

Ok, cool!


I love biryani, because of  its taste, it’s complexity of flavours and the techniques that has been used in it. 

Biryani is an art. 

I feel the same.

  1. Beautiful thing which came into world .its colour and taste are always good to eat and heavy foods to which u need to keep ur hunger aside you should mostly prefer briyani.
  2. My suggestion for you ,if your in briyani lover to core the  you should also taste moohal briyani good and very very delicious to have and enjoy it.



Yes, I love Hyderabadi biryani the most.

Biryani has all the blend of flavours and spices which completely entices one’s mouth. So full of taste, actually!


I am a huge lover of biryani , but I never eat biryani from restaurants . I always eat only home cooked biryani . It is a beautiful dish with a variety of spices . The tenderness of chicken/mutton melting in your mouth is an absolute delight . Just the aroma of biryani is so tempting to the senses. I usually eat biryani with raita , and I am learning how to cook my ma’s biryani .


When you travel, your number one priority isn’t sightseeing or learning the culture – it’s hunting down the best biryani place in the city and enjoying a few plates.


Completely. Paneer and veg hyderabadi biryani all time favourite along with papad,  raita and pickle.  The spices and marination makes my mouth water😋 


I like biryani but I dislike when there are too many spices and unnecessary vegetables added to it. I like having biryani a certain way. 


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