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Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?  



I love dark chocolates! 

Dark choclates

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Though dark chocolate are more beneficial for health, but I like the taste of milk chocolates. I hate dark chocolates because they are bitter.


i prefer milk over dark chocolates


Amul Milk chocolates is so sweet chocolate I like it so much. its gives a test of milk sweets.this chocolate is too yummy and soft to eat. Amul Milk chocolate given two test firstly milky cream and secondly chocolate.its a very good for our health.there is a no fat in this chocolate.when we eat this chocolate so in mouth feel very melodious.



Always dark chocolates and they come with an added benefit of being healthy for mind, skin, heart and what not. It’s like you have an answer to Mom’s complaint of chocolate being unhealthy. 😀  

That’s a very valid point 😆 


More deeply, We can say milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate because dark chocolate makes throat somewhat disturbed when it is taken in large quantities.


Dark chocolates are love. 

My favourite has to be LINDT.

Dark chocolate have also proved to be beneficial for health.


I am down for both.

I like both of them.


I love dark chocolate as they aren’t as sweet as the milk ones. 

hahah exactly!


Definitely dark chocolate. I mean I know that it’s more bitter and stuff but it tastes so good!!

This question made me crave chocolate 😍 


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