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Have you ever tried of cooking something on your own?  



Cooking is a passion to many people irrespective of gender nowadays. I have tried a lot of dishes on my own.

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Yes I cook sometimes when weather is good or I am bored.

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Yes whenever I am free. Whatever I see in cookery shows and other cooking videos I try it at my home. Recently I made different snacks items apt for rainy season. Now as I am free I am the official Cook, I make even breakfast and different curries.


Yes i have..and surprisingly whenever i try a dish the 1st time is always a success but if ever i try to make the same dish 2nd time that would be a complete disaster


I have, and turns out I am not a horrible cook. I do not like cooking. Like, this is not something that I would like to do on a regular basis. Hats off to all of those men and women, who cook regularly. I just, um, do not like the amount of effort that you have to put behind the making of a dish. Yes, you’re right! I am super lazy! Ten points to Slytherin!

However, I am extremely fond of baking. Baking is something that I cannot let go of. Back in my school, we had classes, where we were taught how to prepare certain dishes, and baking (mostly cakes) was one of them. The smell of a freshly baked has to be my second favourite smell in the world, the first one being petrichor. 

Another thing that I like making would be dumplings and momos.  The last time I made moose, my family went crazy over it. 

Overall, I can cook pretty much everything (yay, YouTube!). I am good at cooking, but it is definitely not something that I enjoy. 



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