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why indore is known as a food capital? what is so famous in indore regarding food?  



why indore is known as a food capital? what is so famous in indore regarding food?

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Indore is a place with the largest street food market. These days street food is something that everyone is longing for. Amazingly this street food market known as Sarafa Bazaar, turned out be a tourist place. This place 2 km away from the central market place of Indore. Actually, this place is a jewelry market which eventually allowed the street food vendors to put up shops after 8 PM even after the shops are closed until the morning. This is like the midnight street food market. This is taken up by the Indore Municipal Corporation. The most popular recipes are Bhutte ka kees, Jalebi, Ratalu, Khopra Pattice and Kulfi.  



Indore is well known as “Street Food Capital Of India”.

Indore city that prides itself on its food. It’s the only city that I can think of where they have a whole street famously called ‘Sarafa’ that serves the most tasty vegetarian snacks, chaat and sweets right from 8 pm up-to 2 a.m at night.

Here are some of the list of food that are famous in Indore Street:

1. Poha

Indori Poha (Poha of Indore) is a type of flattened rice that is likely to have originated in the Indian metropolis of Indore. It contains cooked Poha (flattened rice) and is usually served with a unique combination of Jalebi (called Poha-Jalebi combined), Sev, Usal, sliced onions and funnel seeds.

2. Bhuta ka kees

This Indori unique concoction is made of corn dana that is boiled, fried in ghee and then mixed with besan, hing, jeera, dhaniya and their own unique masala.

3. Joshi Dahi Bada

Joshiji is a performer. He flips the dahiwada with the curd without spilling a drop. He also does a quick magic show. After pouring curd into your bowl, he sprinkles five spices using just one finger without allowing them to mix together.

4. Dal Batti

The dal batti although its famous Rajasthani dish, it’s equally importance in Indore. You can find the dedicated restaurants offering dal batti.

Now Speaking of Sarafa Bazar

Perhaps the most celebrated foodie landmark of the city of Indore, Sarafa Bazaar is a must-visit. For a place which opens after 9 PM, the crowd is unbelievable. But one look at the goodies on offer and it’s easy to understand why it is placed on a high foodie pedestal. The tick off list for Sarafa must include dishes such as Garadu, Khopra Pattice, Batla Kachori, Bhutte ki kees and the best of north-indian sweets such as malpua, moong daal halwa, rabri, kulfi, kesariya doodh and gulab jamun. Do not mis Joshi ke dahi bade (since 1977), Nagori ki chikanji, Rajhans ka daal bafla before closing the night’s gluttony with Anna ka paan.

Hope You Like My Answer.


I am from Indore after reading this post I an so happy that people know that much about my City. And you have mentioned it very beautifully 


Indore is famous for its amazing food. Considering the variety of food available here, calling it the street food capital of India is perhaps more apt. There are few best food items Indore is famous for:

  • Pani Puri
  • Dahi vada
  • Phoa jalebi
  • Khatta samosa
  • Moong baniya
  • Mawa batti
  • Bhutte ki kees
  • Dal bafla



I think Indore has the most amazing street food and chain of restaurants and cafes which serve delicious food and the taste never lets you down …street food from sarafa and chappan is the best known and the namkeens of courses which are very famous speak out for itself..so indore is a food capital where when you eat,you return with a full stomach and a satisfied heart. 🙂


After seeing all these images it feels like I am back to Indore and it’s hard for me to resist myself


The capital of Madhya Pradesh, “Indore”, is rich in flavors and is often called as the “city of foodies”. As soon as you set your foot in this city it welcomes you with an enigmatic aroma. Here one can gorge on flavorful dishes, mouth-watering chats, and sweet delicacies. All this amazing street food can be found at one place called the “Sarafa Bazaar”. This should be a must-visit place for any foodie.

Here are some must have foods when you are in Indore.

  • Poha

This flattened rice is served in small paper cones and is a wonderful breakfast item. Poha is sauted in onions, tomatoes, salt, fennel seeds accompanied by a dash of lime juice and pinch of coriander. This tangy poha is generally served with Jalebi and trust me it sounds a bit off. But when you start eating it you just cant stop. 

  • Moong Bhajiya

Moong Bhajia are crispy fried balls of lentils and numerous spices served with chilly and mint sauce. They taste well when served hot and would tingle your every taste bud.

  • Joshi ke Dahi Vada

If you did not tried Joshi Dahi vada and didn’t saw his little magic show with the food, then you truly have missed the true colors of Indore. His technique of preparimg Dahi Vada is one of it’s kind and in just single shot he adds 5 spices without allowing them to mix together. 

  • Bhutte ka Kees

This dish as the same sounds is made up of corn and garnished with coriander plus grated coconut. The dish is easily found in Sarafa Bazaar. 

  • Khopra Patties

Khopra Patties are the traditional aloo tikki with a twist. They are made from aloo, coconut and deep fried for a beautiful golden shade. They are served with khatti-methi chutney which enhaces its flavors. 





You step in Indore and the energy in the atmosphere speaks to you so friendly that the anxiousness of coming to a strange land vanishes. Indore is an amicable city popular for its lip-smacking street food all over India. 

I had once been to Indore and had the opportunity to visit the famous Chappan Bhog and oh boy! the food was delicious and amazing! The pani puri in 8 different flavors was my favorite. And not just Chappan Bhog, each street you visit gives you a different dish served uniquely. The taste is definitely something that Indorians never compromise on. A few famous food items are: 

  • Poha Jalebi

  • Dahi Bada

  • Khatta Samosa

  • Moong Bhajiya

  • Bhutte ki Kees

  • Indori Namkeen

  • Kulfi Faluda

So, apparently, you should be landing in Indore to treat yourself to wonderful food. 



Indore is very well known for its food variety…from breakfast to dinner you will get whatever you want…

First of all, its poha..amazing 

In Indore everyone find their day incomplete without having poha

• poha


Second one is chappan….crowding area of Indore where you got everything Chinese, Indian, south indian, sweets etc

And there is another place which is called sarafa…the heart of foodies…

One should definitely go there



Indore is famous for it street food and culture of taste. There are many type of famous dishes and the variety of dishes. The first and foremost Indori POHA is very consumed cuisine in indore. The people of indore are very fond of these street food. Indore has many bunch of cafe and restaurants. 

Some of the famous streets of indore :-

1. Sarafa

2. Chappan (56)dukan

3. Anand bazar

4. Vijay chaat house

5. Lig maggi

6. Apna sweets


Indore has lots of dishes and lots of variety of dishes and so the people are very fond of the taste and food. So these make the indore , food capital.



yeah, indore is known as food capital, as it has a large variety of options to choose from.

in indore it is like diving into a pool full of food. like talking to indories about food, it is mouth watering scenario, delicacies like poha – jalebi for morning breakfast, shahi samosa, rabri jalebi, rabri gulab jamun.

there are many famous brands which have their presence all over the world have a large demand among people for food, but still the street food and local food in indore has its own way making people fall for it.

the taste, preparation, serving…the aroma of spices is famous for food in indore.


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