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What are a few healthy food options you can try in college canteens?  



What are a few healthy food options you can try in college canteens?


College canteens usually do not provide many options to choose from. Some healthy food options can be dosa which is probably found in all canteens, or Idli if available. Also, plain rice/roti with dal and sabji is the best for anyone.   



Plain roti and sabzi is what I got all my life in college and school canteens. Some other healthy tasty options can be dumplings, salads(which can be tasty and enticing), south indian items like dosa, uttapam,idli,etc. Also, a zillion types of vegetables and non veg sandwiches too.



We college students are always on foot and can barely spare any time to enjoy a tummy filling meal between our busy schedules, and we often end up eating instant or processed food such as instant noodles or fried snacks. Hence, I’m sharing some healthy snacking and meal options which one can grab during a busy day and consume without any guilt:

1) Sada or Masala Dosa

2) Steamed Idli

3) Rasam wada

4) Brown Bread vegetable sandwich

5) Dal Khichdi

6) Curd Rice

7) Sabzi with Wheat Chapatis

8) Misal / Usal Pav

9) Thalipeeth

10) Large bowl of Fruits



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