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What do you normally eat for breakfast?  



I have Tea or Coffee. I sometimes have oats. Somedays I have cheese sandwich.

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I have one glass  milk with two ” Prantha”. I believe that break fast should be heavy and it  also make me feel energetic. Sometimes i take fruits or fruit juice when Mom isn’t here. 😀 😀 



I always give more importance to my breakfast meals than any other meals. I like to have some home made bread with some vegetables. and after that a cup of tea completes my breakfast.  

I think tea is the most important part of the breakfast


I generally have only two biscuits for breakfast. Because I don’t get time to eat. Although I have a complete meal at 12:00 pm. 

Well you should have a proper meal in the morning. Just a suggestion 🙂 


I would like to tell you importance of break fast and rest i leave on you whether you want to have proper break fast or not.

1.Keep our brain sharp 

2.Increases concentration and productivity

Above two points are important for you as you are preparing for government exams.

3.Lower incident of heart diseases.

4.Keeps blood sugar even through the day.

5. Burns fat

These points are also for you as you would like to be happy and fit after getting government job. 😉

Now decide!!


Yesss I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


I usually drink green coffee once i get up and make sure i have my breakfast within 2 hours of i woke up.I mostly have 2 chappaties for breakfast and once in a week dosa.




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