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What is your opinion on the new Dark Chocolate Oreo cookies ?  




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Who doesn’t love chocolates! and especially dark chocolates. I would prefer dark chocolate over any kind of chocolate. It is not too sweet and has a slight bitter taste to it which makes it my favourite. The new dark chocolate oreo cookies are my favourite kind of cookies so far. It is soo crunchy and the flavour of the chocolate just makes your crave for more cookies. It is one is my best cookies I definitely feel everybody should try this new cookies. You never know you might also fall in love with these cookies like me.


Recently we have seen some new product launches in the market like various health-food brands releasing granola, seed mixtures, breakfast cereals, among others and then we have our beloved brand Cadbury coming out with some really popular products. For me, being a millenial also meant waiting for someone to visit and gift Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate which I would relish for hours. Since then Cadbury had come out with Hundreds of new stuff but nothing can beat the nostalgia of the Cadbury Dairy Milk. When Cadbury released Oreo in the Indian market,it too became an instant hit. Many new Oreo flavours can also be found in the market today. Some of them are really amazing while others are not so great. But then they decided to coat Oreo in so-called dark chocolate. First, the coating is not even dark chocolate, I can say that just by looking at the colour of the chocolate, plus it is excessively sweet. Dark chocolate is more bitter than sweet and I believe it would have made a perfect pair with the sweet Oreos, but it needed to be proper dark chocolate. The chocolate-coating is extremely sweet along with the already sweet Oreos, making the combination almost unbearably sweet. It is so sweet that both the flavours of the chocolate as well as the Oreo are lost altogether. I tried one and now I’m sure that it was my last one too. I mean we all love Cadbury and many of their products are groundbreaking but this one is a huge dissapointment for me. I expected a lot more.


Oreo biscuits is loved by each and everyone, when you ask anyone about biscuits than first name that will come in their mind is Oreo biscuit, everyone loves Oreo biscuit. Dark chocolate is the one which is very beneficial for us and also is very tasty. Everyone loves eating dark chocolate. As Cadbury has combined dark chocolate with Oreos that is dark chocolate Oreo cookies it’s is just like having the best cookies, it is the tastiest cookies anyone can have and will be love by each and every one. So Cadbury had done a great job as well as it a great business plan of combining dark chocolate with Oreo cookies.

Shall we shall



Love for the chocolate is something that can’t be change by any other flavors, speaking of Dark Chocolate. I would like to point-out some of the good benefits of the dark chocolate.

1. It is loaded with plethora amount of nutrients including soluble amount of fiber.

2. It is a powerful source of Antioxidant.

Now let me talk about the Dark Chocolate Oreo Cookies, well we all know that Oreo has been a very valuable brand in the Indian market since past few years and it is also a very well-liked brand  by all the group of consumer be it kids or adult. The new flavor will “help fans embrace the darkness and add a dose of playful excitement to the shorter and colder days ahead.

Hope You Like My Answer



Its a treat for dark chocolate lovers. When you have a bad cold and have a craving for dark chocolate ice-cream, I would suggest you go for Dark chocolate Oreo cookies instead. It will serve the purpose. You can try out following milk-shake recipe if you are a real fan of Oreo cookies, dark chocolate and more chocolate 🙂

In a blender, crush and add 3 Dark chocolate Oreo cookies,

Add 1 spoonful of chocolate syrup,

Add 1 spoon sugar or for more chocolaty taste, add 1 spoon of boost,

Add milk and blend.

Your dark chocolate milk  shake is ready … enjoy.


The dark chocolate oreo cookies can be eaten by any chocolate lover weather dark chocolate lover or milk chocolate. The best part of these cookies is that it satisfies your cravings as well as your taste. These cookies doesn’t have any kind of bitter taste as many people have a myth that all products of dark chocolate has a bitter taste.

The new flavour of oreo cookies is that is the dark chocolate has been favored by many children, the right word would be all children’s. As we all know that children’s are the biggest fan of chocolates. So, many parents dont buy them chocolates with the terror of cavity but this chocolate cookies are really good and can satisfy your craving for chocolate.  


I’m the type of person that likes things separate, especially when it comes to chocolate. Instead of eating dark chocolate in a biscuity manner, I would like to eat the actual dark chocolate that satisfies me as it melts in my mouth.

Rameesha Khan


I think that Orea cookies were good the way it were. Mixing them with chocolate made them too sweet. Honestly, I don’t think that I would eat them again. Ever. It is just too much sugar and you can actually feel it. 


I find them really good. If you have a sweet tooth then they will surely match your needs. Cadbury was also very clever, first they made Silk with Oreo inside and now they’re making chocolate covered oreos. 🤣


Chocolatey in every sense of an adjective that is not strictly governed by the FDA. There is definitely an extra level of cocoa satisfaction in the creme, which is thicker than most Oreo fillings and almost ganache-like in body.

Even though Oreo missed a chance to capitalize on the dark chocolate flavor by swapping out the standard wafers for dark cocoa ones, the entire cookie is still better and more chocolatey than the standard chocolate version.

An 82 percent fair trade organic cocoa bean inspired cookie, this is not. Still, considering some of Oreo’s clear misses in the chocolate category, the Dark Chocolate Oreo is respectable enough for those of us who tend to be a little less picky in our cookie binges.

So finally someone has stepped up to be a competitor for Sunfeast Dark Fantasy 🙂


i like them very much



It’s beautiful. You can have a little dark chocolate enjoyment in your mouth with having it!! A must try cookies!!


really yummy and much more creamy and soft.

Mudit khanna


One of the best cookie right now, the dark chocolate is just like adding cheery to the cake.



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