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which is best to be used in order maintain a good health, sugar or jaggery?  



which is best to be used  daily in order to maintain good health, sugar or jaggery? 

3 Answers

Compared to table sugar, jaggery has trace amounts of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but it is not free to indulge. Jaggery is not significant source of any of these micronutrients. You would have to eat a truly unhealthful amount of jaggery to get your daily micronutrients requirements or the positive health effects from it. The only cane sugar that contains appreciable amount of minerals is molasses, however, consumption of cane molasses is very low.

achhwani kumar


It was said that it is best to use jaggery,until recently.Jaggery is highly adulterated and colored that leads to cancer ,says recent news reports.

In many anganawadis in Kerala,jaggery is now not uses till another clear report has beem submitted.

If you are sure about the jaggery you use,it is better to take jaggery for the food health.


In my view point, jaggery is far better than sugar as sugar is factory processed and hence lead to obesity by increasing the carbohydrates and glucose level in blood, which is highly harmful for body.

Whereas jaggery, it is somehow processed naturally and has less harmful effects on body as compared to sugar. The only thing we need to take care in case of jaggery is that, it should be naturally processed.


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