Are you switching O…

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Are you switching ON fans right now?  



I am in U.P and it’s still cold here, so we aren’t.


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Not exactly switching on the fans every night but at times there is a need of fan on 1 number. The weather is so unpredictable, some times it is sunny, sometimes it is cold and sometimes it rains and because of all this mess of weather almost everyone and including me, have caught cough and cold. By this time every year we were wearing almost wearing summer clothe and would have switched on fans. But this time it is so different and ugly weather. I am in Delhi and still need to wear sweatshirt at times in home specially towards the evening.

Even i am from delhi and you have very well describe the conditions of delhite


I don’t want to but my roommate insists. So, I give in sometimes.


Yes in west bengal there is a need of switiching on the fan because there is a huge problem of mosquitoes and for that doors and windows cannot be kept open and the rooms becomes stuffy and then there is a need for switiching on the fan.



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