Do you believe in g…

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Do you believe in ghost ?  



Haha it’s a late night !! Be careful


Anything you would like to add……….

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Not at all but I find them quite funny.


I don’t believe in ghosts. They definitely don’t exist in real life


of course i do very scary


Well, I once spoke to someone, who i later found out wasn’t home that day…. 


Believing in ghost or not is a very subjective topic. It will vary from person to person. Personally, I don’t believe but I have heard many people narrate their story to me, that how the felt the presence of supernatural power. In my opinion, there is a scientific explanation for people experiencing paranormal activities because most of the time people are not sure that they have actually seen the ghost it’s just an intuition. Also many times due to movies and stories we assume simple power cut to be a paranormal activity and have a misconception. Till today there is no solid proof like an image or a video of an actual ghost.


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