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Do you believe in Love in relationship these days?  



It’s that time of the year again, when capitalism finds a way to materialise the most powerful feeling in the world – Love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love birds from different parts of the world are compensating their love in forms of materialistic gifts to promote or show the world that they love each other because love is just roses, teddies, chocolates and promises for one week before Valentine’s Day according to them. However, Love is so much more.


Love is all your favourite things made into an imperfect human being. Love doesn’t make you hide parts of yourself, they want to show it off to the world because to them, it is the best parts of you. Love doesn’t want to change you for their convenience, they want you to grow for your achievements. Love is your best cheerleader and your best friend.


The sad reality of the relationship these days is the underlying tones of toxicity in the most simplest of things. A couple, I encountered recently, were telling me how happy and in love they are. The guy commented how he was happy that his girlfriend got him his favourite chocolate and the girlfriend was happy that her boyfriend spent an extra hour at the gym to burn the chocolate because she didn’t want him getting fat. The sad reality is that relationships these days are about change instead of growth, about control rather than equality and sex rather than intimacy.


And people hold on even when it starts to hurt, especially when it starts to hurt because it feels like an assessment of loyalty and love which it is not. Love is as much about holding on as it is to let go. People these days don’t realise that, they aren’t educated about love and other complexities of a relationship to realise that.


Love, since then has started hiding in the shadow of Lust – a swipe right on tinder and a swipe left on logic.



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Love has always been the most important part of any relationship. Though it’s not the only important thing, but still it plays a pivotal role. It will not be wrong to say that its the founding pillar of any relationship and without love nothing can exist. These days, the concept of flings have steadily developed and true love is somewhere losing its essence or is hard to find, but it still plays an important role. 


Nowadays relationship is like a normal thing in teen life. In most of the cases, the relationship is the result of the peer pressure. In most of the cases, love is not their its just a show off that a particular couple is trying to show to the outer world.

But in very few cases love is there and I strongly believe that love exists. You just want to be there for someone in their highs and lows, so yes not in the most of the relationship but yes love exists in today’s world 



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