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Do You Think Tik Tik Videos are genuinely Worthless ?  



Pin down your opinions and views.

4 Answers

Absolutely they are, now the youth is wasting a lot of time on apps like these instead of trying to enhance their innerselves moreover there is a lot of rubbish stuff circulating of apps like these which are not children safe. It can genuinely be a perfect timekiller for all of us. 


I don’t know to what extent people like making those videos because I myself knew from childhood itself that my acting skills sucks (literally). Plus, I would rather write a poem or read a book than make those videos. I agree that the app gives a platform to the aspiring artists or to the people who are artists at their heart. But as a viewer, I hate it when people spam the timeline with lame Tik Tok videos. My point is that if enjoy or love  to fsomething, you should definitely do that. But my point is why to burden someone else with your own choices.


Yes,i think tik tik videos are worthless as it is sort of time wasting people mimicing to songs ,dialouges  which is awful to watch.the people using the songs in their videos doesn’t even get copyright strike but when a youtuber is having that music or song in his/her video it leads to copyright strike.


Yes same opinion


I believe Tik Tok videos get unnecessary hate. Songs,movies,stand up comedy and other such content, all are forms of entertainment that people love. Similarly, some people genuinely find happiness and joy in making,sharing and watching Tik Tok videos and that is totally fine. It is harmless. No form of entertainment can ever be regarded worthless. 



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