Does love at first …

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Does love at first sight happen.  



I think it happens only in movies.

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In fairy tales maybe. In real life, you get attracted to someone at first sight but love at first sight is near to impossible.

Well said


There is nothing called love at first sight..Its not a Dress,(lwhere it is poosible to fall in love at a glance) that the first time you look at it,you will realise its love.Its all filmy things and concept,which people incorporte nowadys.


It happens often that you like a boy or girl at first sight and you consider him or her to be everything for you. You start reacting, “Wow! How beautiful she was. She killed me at first sight and she has robbed me off my sleep,” or “How handsome he is. I fell for him.” According to psychologists, there is no such thing as love at first sight.
It is just a feeling. It is a game of hormones. It increases the heartbeat. It stimulates them. Those people who do not get carried away and take steps patiently, their love becomes immortal. It does not remain like a four-day fever, but instead their love becomes an ideal love.
Those youngsters, who get carried away as the strings of their heart starts vibrating and their entire body gets heated up, start behaving like roadside Romeo or Juliets.
Such reactions can be seen in boys and girls. Girls can be turned on when they see a smart builder, city smart-dandy or a different type of person, They don’t usually react immediately. They can control their excitement. But boys are unable to do so. So excitement can be seen in their behaviour.



never experienced so cant answer


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